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  • COVID-19 booster shots for kids 5-11 years of age

    Codes and eligibility now available for COVID-19 booster shots for children ages 5-11.

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  • Policy updates


  • Online tools and resources

    Premera Secure Tools Move to Availity Starting Mid-September | 6/2/2022

    Find out what you need to know

    Behavioral Health Workshop Recap | 6/2/2022

    Check out the recording of our recent workshop in the Premera Learning Center

    Provider Workshop: BlueCard and Shared Administration Claims | 6/2/2022

    On Wednesday, July 13 at 1:30 p.m., we’re hosting a workshop focused on BlueCard and shared administration out-of-area claims

    Premera Prior Authorizations Moving to Availity | 5/5/2022

    New tool eliminates the need to fax. Find out what you need to know.

    Premera Prior Authorizations Moving to Availity Essentials | 4/8/2022

    You’ll soon be able to request prior authorizations through Availity

    Provider Workshop: Behavioral Health | 4/1/2022

    On Wednesday, May 11 at 1:30 p.m., we’re hosting a workshop focused on supporting Behavioral Health Providers
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  • Medicare Advantage

    Updates for Medicare Advantage Medical Policies | 6/2/2022

    Learn about the newest updates for Medicare Advantage (MA) polices

    Medicare Advantage - Medical Policies | 5/5/2022

    Learn about newest updates for Medicare Advantage polices

    Medicare Advantage Medical Policies April Update | 4/1/2022

    Learn about the newest updates for Medicare Advantage polices

    Enter Your Medicare Advantage Referral Requests with Our Online Tool | 2/24/2022

    Don’t forget your referral start and end date need to match
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  • Individual plans

    Updated Individual Plan Tools and Resources Page | 5/5/2022

    We recently added news forms to the Individual Plan Tools and Resources page

    Changes for 2022 Individual Plans | 9/16/2021

    Premera Blue Cross will no longer be offering individual plans in Skamania and Wahkiakum counties

    Everything You Need to Know About 2021 Individual Plans | 1/7/2021

    See resources and training guides for 2021 Individual plans.
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  • Company updates

    Premera Perspectives: Satya Sarma, Vice President of Medical Management and Population Health | 5/5/2022

    Learn about Premera’s newest leader and her role to identify ways to address the needs of specific communities

    Premera Invests $1.8 Million to Help Washington Colleges Address Critical Nursing Shortage | 5/5/2022

    Grant establishes a new academic pathway to increase opportunities and remove barriers

    Fighting Substance Use Disorders with Medication-Assisted Treatment | 4/1/2022

    This is the first article in a series highlighting the importance of medication-assisted treatment and breaking down the stigma of substance use disorder

    Change To The Existing Hospital Bill Audit | 2/24/2022

    Medical records must be submitted within 90 days of the request

    Premera Deepens Connection to Communities with County By County Giving Initiative | 12/2/2021

    Grants awarded in every county and borough throughout Washington and Alaska

    Enhanced Claims Editing Implementation | 11/18/2021

    Enhanced claims editing applied to claims processed for payment.
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  • High-value care

    Value-Based Care and Premera Provider Relationships | 3/18/2021

    Relationships built on trust, shared data, and analytics can decrease cost of care and health outcomes.

    Payment Models Shift to Value-Based Care | 12/17/2020

    Healthcare organizations and health plans are shifting from care models built around fee-for-service reimbursement to value-based care.
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  • Reminders and updates

    Preventive Services Updates For 2022 | 6/2/2022

    Learn about changes to our preventive care benefits

    Washington State Health Care Authority Survey | 6/2/2022

    The Health Care Authority is reaching out to primary care providers to help shape implementation of the Washington Primary Care Transformation Model

    New Prefixes for Blue Cross Idaho Members | 4/1/2022

    Prefixes have been updated for certain Blue Cross Idaho members. Please ask your patients for updated ID cards

    Overpayment Recovery Update | 4/1/2022

    Effort for being made to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing mailing and streamline work for providers
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  • Quality programs

    Well Child Informational Mailings and Growth Chart | 6/2/2022

    Members in Washington and Alaska will receive mailings about well-child checkups

    Statin Therapy Can Reduce Risk and Complications | 6/2/2022

    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services measures support the importance of statin therapy to reduce risk of diabetes and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) complications

    Plan All-Cause Readmissions, a Revised HEDIS® Measure | 5/5/2022

    Revised measure focuses on preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions

    Care Gap Member Outreach | 5/5/2022

    Members will be receiving cancer screening, diabetes, asthma, and preventive care communications
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  • Pharmacy

    COVID-19 Booster Shots for Kids 5-11 Years of Age | 6/2/2022

    Codes and eligibility now available for COVID-19 booster shots for children ages 5-11

    Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Name Change | 5/5/2022

    New name, same patient-first service

    Clinical Pharmacist will Conduct Medical Benefit Drug Reviews | 1/4/2022

    Starting January 1, Premera clinical pharmacists will be reviewing medical necessity for drugs requested through the medical benefit

    Changes to 2022 Essential Drug Exclusion List | 11/4/2021

    Find out about the changes to the Essential Drug Exclusion List
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  • Dental

    Submitting Medicare Advantage Dental Claims for Out-of-Network Providers | 5/5/2022

    Make sure your claims are going to the right place for processing

    Visit our Medicare Advantage Dental Website | 4/1/2022

    Resources to help you care for our Medicare Advantage members

    Have You Opted Out of Medicare? | 2/25/2022

    Information about providing care to Premera Medicare Advantage members

    Availity Tips for Dental Providers | 2/1/2022

    Learn some handy tips for using Availity’s secure provider website

    Premera Transitions to Availity Secure Portal | 11/18/2021

    Dental providers can now access Availity to check eligibility and benefits and more for Premera members.
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