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    Access Prior Authorization Requirements Online | 4/19/2018

    If you submit prior authorization requests, you’ll want to know about improvements to our tool!

    Premera Vision Benefits Now Available Online | 4/19/2018

    Now you can get all the vision info you need online.

    Access Detailed Vision Benefits Online | 4/5/2018

    Do you regularly look up patient vision benefits?

    Access Detailed Dental Benefits Online | 2/16/2018

    Save time by viewing your patient’s complete dental benefits online.

    Patients Can Compare Treatment Costs Online | 2/16/2018

    We’re providing cost information to help patients make more informed choices.

    Premera Dental Benefits Now Available Online | 2/15/2018

    Visit our website to view detailed dental benefits, personalized for each of your patients!
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  • Medicare Advantage

    AIM Specialty Health® to Manage Additional Clinical Reviews | 4/5/2018

    Get details on additional services that require prior auth through AIM, beginning May 1.

    New Medicare ID Cards Are Coming | 3/15/2018

    CMS will send new cards and identification numbers to all Medicare beneficiaries.

    New Medicare Advantage Diabetes Prevention Program | 3/15/2018

    Find out how your pre-diabetic patients can benefit from this program.

    Urinary Incontinence in Older Adults | 3/15/2018

    Urinary incontinence often goes untreated—here’s what providers can do to start conversations.
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  • Company updates

    Costs by Region – Lab Tests | 4/5/2018

    How much do two common lab tests cost in your region?

    Premera Plans with Multiple Benefit Levels | 3/15/2018

    This new type of plan enables patients to choose higher or lower out-of-pocket healthcare costs, based on their choice of provider.

    New eviCore CorePath Online System | 2/1/2018

    Save time with CorePath, eviCore healthcare’s new online system for therapy authorization.

    Premera Launches Mobile Messaging | 1/4/2018

    Can a monthly text improve your patients’ health?

    End-of-Year Message | 12/21/2017

    Beth Johnson, Premera Senior Vice President, Healthcare Services and Chuck Levine, Vice President, Network Management share a personal thank you.

    Cost and Transparency | 12/7/2017

    Rising healthcare costs are an issue for employer groups.
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  • Reminders and updates

    Federal Employee Program (FEP) Reminder | 4/19/2018

    More than one Blue plan serves FEP employees in Washington state—get the details.

    How Do Your Patients Feel About Your Clinic? | 4/19/2018

    Primary care providers—find out how your organization performed in a new survey on patient experience.

    New Payment Policy: Inpatient Transfers | 4/5/2018

    Claims team: Inpatient acute transfers from DRG hospitals will be paid differently, starting in July.

    New Edits Coming to Claims Editor | 3/15/2018

    New coding edits will be implemented in the Professional Claims Editor (CES) after June 15.
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  • Quality programs

    Medical and Behavioral Health Collaboration Survey | 4/19/2018

    If you’re a primary care provider, you’ll want to see these findings!

    Tackling Tough Decisions with Your Patients | 2/16/2018

    Clinicians: discover a new tool that jumpstarts important conversations with your patients and supports informed care decisions.

    HEDIS Measures: What’s new for 2018? | 12/21/2017

    Find out the latest on NCQA’s seven new HEDIS measures, and much more.

    Reducing the Overuse of Antibiotics | 12/21/2017

    These free resources help your team improve use of antibiotics and prevent antibiotic resistance.
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  • Pharmacy

    Safety Edits to Opioid Prescription Policy Starting April 16 | 4/13/2018

    Find out the details on new policies to prevent the risk of opioid addiction.

    Pharmacy Prior Authorization Edit Expansion Program | 3/15/2018

    View the latest drugs and their related policies for our prior auth program.

    Prior Authorization for Infusion Drugs Based on Site of Service | 3/1/2018

    Beginning June 1, we’ll require prior authorization for some additional infusion drugs when given in hospital-based outpatient centers.

    Learn About Our Essentials Formulary | 12/21/2017

    Even more health plans will soon use our Essentials Formulary.
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  • Dental

    Dentists Can Reduce Risk of Opioid Addiction | 4/19/2018

    Did you know that dentists are the most prevalent prescribers of opioids for teens?

    Premera Promotes Preventive Dental Care | 4/19/2018

    We’re reaching out to members who haven’t had preventive dental care recently.

    A Change to Dental Anesthesia Claims | 4/19/2018

    Dental office teams: you’ll want to know about this change to anesthesia claims, beginning with claims received May 1.

    Medicare Part D and CMS Enrollment | 3/1/2018

    If you provide care to Medicare Advantage patients and you prescribe Part D drugs, you must have an enrollment application on file with Medicare.

    Premera Dental Benefits Now Available Online | 2/16/2018

    Visit our website to view detailed dental benefits, personalized for each of your patients!
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