Provider News

  • Premera expands Centers of Excellence to include radiology

    Premera partners with Covera Health to provide high quality radiology for Premera members.

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  • Policy updates


  • Online tools and resources

    Verifying Member Eligibility and Benefits | 10/15/2020

    Get tips to verify member eligibility and benefits.

    Provider Workshop: Eligibility and Benefits | 10/1/2020

    Join our Provider Experience team to learn about our eligibility and benefits tools and resources.

    Go Online - Provider Customer Service Hours Are Changing | 10/1/2020

    To help adapt to the new hours, customer service will be providing education for our secure online tools.

    Help Us Improve the Provider Directory | 9/17/2020

    Tell us how to improve uploading information to Premera’s provider directory.

    Save Time – Go Online! | 8/20/2020

    Use our online tools to eliminate the need for faxing.

    Resources for Denial Edit Codes | 8/6/2020

    Learning about the denial edit codes can help avoid future denials.

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  • Medicare Advantage

    New Member Incentive Program for Medicare Advantage | 10/15/2020

    Members can earn rewards for seeing their doctor and taking care of their health.

    Updates for Medicare Advantage Policies | 10/15/2020

    Medical policy updates and an updated prior authorization code list are available.

    Premera Is Growing Our Medicare Advantage Options | 10/15/2020

    We’re offering plans in two new counties.

    Annual Wellness Visits Are an Opportunity for Telehealth Visits | 10/1/2020

    Don’t let COVID-19 keep Medicare Advantage patients from having annual wellness visits.
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  • Individual plans

    You Asked, We Listened: Individual Plans Resource Page!

    You Asked, We Listened: Individual Plans Resource Page! | 6/4/2020

    Get everything you need in one resource for Premera individual plans.
    View Individual Plan Deductibles, Benefits, and PCPs

    View Individual Plan Deductibles, Benefits, and PCPs | 3/19/2020

    Get tips for the Search Member Eligibility function.

    Incorrect Prefixes Printed for 2020 Individual Plans | 3/19/2020

    Get correct prefixes here.
    Individual Plans No Longer Using eviCore Healthcare

    Individual Plans No Longer Using eviCore Healthcare | 3/19/2020

    Learn how to submit a prior authorization for outpatient rehabilitation services. 

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  • Company updates

    Rural Facilities Capital Grants Partnership Fund | 10/15/2020

    Premera and Empire Health Foundation have created a fund to support the advancement of healthcare in rural communities.

    Premera Expands Centers of Excellence to Include Radiology | 10/15/2020

    Premera partners with Covera Health to provide high quality radiology for Premera members.
    Premera Extends Cost Share Waivers to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

    Premera Extends Cost Share Waivers to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment | 9/17/2020

    In 2020, Premera members will not pay a cost share for FDA-approved diagnostic testing and treatment for COVID-19.

    Landmark Health Home-Based Chronic Care Program Not Continuing | 9/3/2020

    Change in 2021 for members with complex medical conditions.

    Puget Sound Business Journal Names Premera Top 2019 Philanthropist | 9/3/2020

    Premera Social Impact granted or invested across Washington and Alaska to address behavioral health, homelessness, health equity, and health access in rural areas.
    We’re Growing Our Behavioral Health Network!

    We’re Growing Our Behavioral Health Network! | 8/20/2020

    Encourage out-of-network colleagues to join our network.
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  • High-value care

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  • Reminders and updates

    Modifier 90 Edit Extending to Facility Claims | 10/15/2020

    Correct coding edits for modifier 90 will apply to facility claims.

    Use Overpayment Forms When Returning Checks to Premera | 10/15/2020

    Forms save a significant amount of administrative time for all.

    Survey Results: Medical and Behavioral Health Collaboration | 10/15/2020

    Learn more about the results and how they can help your practice.

    Premera Extends the POS Payment of Telehealth Visits | 10/15/2020

    Providers need to continue use the telehealth place of service (POS) 02 with the procedure code appended with either modifier 95 or GT.
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  • Quality programs

    Well-Baby Checkups: Parent/Guardian Education | 10/1/2020

    We’re taking a new approach to educating parents/guardians on the recommended checkup and vaccine schedule.

    Helping Members with Asthma Manage Their Condition | 10/1/2020

    Premera is sending an educational mailer to help members with asthma.

    A New Approach to Engaging Members with Multiple Care Gap | 9/17/2020

    Members will receive scorecards for their open and closed care gaps.

    Home Test Kits for Members in Alaska and Washington | 9/17/2020

    Annual FIT and HbA1c home test kit program launches in mid-September.
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  • Pharmacy

    FDA Voluntary Recall on Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid Products | 10/15/2020

    What you need to know about the recall.

    Recalls on DDAVP, Desmopressin, and Stimate Nasal Sprays | 9/17/2020

    Find out how the recall may affect your patients.

    Fertility Drug Follistim Will Require Prior Authorization | 9/3/2020

    Learn more about this change starting in October 2020.

    Recalls on all Metformin batches from Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and AvKARE | 8/6/2020

    Learn more about the recall and how it may affect your patients.
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  • Dental

    New Dental Resources Web Page | 10/15/2020

    Looking for dental network information and links?

    Premera Will Not Cover the Added Cost of PPE | 6/4/2020

    Premera will not cover the added cost of the PPE on dental claims.

    Ensure Fast Processing for Dental Claims | 5/21/2020

    Include plan prefix on dental claim forms.
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