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  • Online tools

    Upload Medical Records Instead of Faxing | 2/1/2017

    Send medical records using prospective review tool.

    Tips for PersonalCare Plans | 2/1/2017

    Use these quick online tools to confirm your patient’s referral network.

    Check Claim Status Online | 2/1/2017

    Learn how to check claim status online for timely information.

    Feedback Needed for Provider Websites | 1/26/2017

    Take our quick Premera Listens survey to let us know how we’re doing.
  • Medicare Advantage

    HEDIS Requests Start in February | 2/1/2017

    Medical records request conducted by Providence Health Plan.

    Vaccine Coverage | 2/1/2017

    Help your patients avoid unexpected bills for vaccines.

    Medicare Advantage Plan Changes for 2017 | 2/1/2017

    Changes related to benefits, networks, and more.

    New Ruling on Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice | 1/26/2017

    New CMS rule helps Medicare patients understand their care and costs.
  • Company updates

    New Online Pregnancy Resource for Members | 2/1/2017

    Web pages help expectant and new moms learn about care and benefits.

    Confirm Your Address for eviCore Requests | 2/1/2017

    Learn tips for updating your information with eviCore, Premera’s partner for outpatient rehabilitation services review.

    National Drug Code Billing Guidelines | 2/1/2017

    Remember to put the National Drug Code in the correct location on your claim form.

    Federal Employee Program Prior Approval | 2/1/2017

    See what’s new for 2017 for FEP.
  • Reminders and resources

    Practitioner Credentialing Notifications | 2/1/2017

    Understand your rights related to credentialing.
  • Quality programs

    HEDIS Requests Begin in February | 2/1/2017

    Verscend requesting HEDIS data for Premera customers.

    Improving Medical and Behavioral Health Collaboration | 1/26/2017

    2016 annual survey shows improved collaboration, opportunity for better patient care.

    HEDIS Documentation and Coding Guide | 1/26/2017

    Premera partners with providers to improve clinical care.
  • Pharmacy

    Pharmacy Prior Authorization Edit Expansion Program | 1/26/2017

    View the latest drugs and their related policies for our prior auth program.
  • Dental

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