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    Patients Can Compare Treatment Costs Online | 2/16/2018

    We’re providing cost information to help patients make more informed choices.

    Premera Dental Benefits Now Available Online | 2/15/2018

    Visit our website to view detailed dental benefits, personalized for each of your patients!

    Access Detailed Dental Benefits Online | 1/4/2018

    Save time by viewing your patient’s complete dental benefits online.

    ID Card Guide Updated | 1/4/2018

    Don’t miss our ID card guide, fully updated with 2018 plan and network information.

    New BlueCard Training | 1/4/2018

    If your patients have out-of-state Blue plans, this quick training well help your staff assist them and submit claims.

    Provider Reference Manuals Updated | 1/4/2018

    Our provider reference medical manual has been updated and designed for quicker reading — check it out.
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  • Medicare Advantage

    Part D Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program Updates for 2018 | 2/1/2018

    Learn important information about our medication safety program for patients with chronic conditions.

    Change in Medicare Advantage Payment Schedule | 2/1/2018

    Payments are changing to once per week rather than twice.

    It’s Time to Schedule Medicare Advantage Preventive Care Visits | 2/1/2018

    Annual preventive care visits are free for your Medicare Advantage patients!

    2018 Medicare Advantage Changes | 1/4/2018

    See important changes to our Medicare Advantage contact information.
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  • Company updates

    New eviCore CorePath Online System | 2/1/2018

    Save time with CorePath, eviCore healthcare’s new online system for therapy authorization.

    Premera Launches Mobile Messaging | 1/4/2018

    Can a monthly text improve your patients’ health?

    End-of-Year Message | 12/21/2017

    Beth Johnson, Premera Senior Vice President, Healthcare Services and Chuck Levine, Vice President, Network Management share a personal thank you.

    Cost and Transparency | 12/7/2017

    Rising healthcare costs are an issue for employer groups.

    Register Your Imaging Facility Today | 12/7/2017

    Make your information available to referring providers by registering with AIM ProviderPortal (SM), Premera’s new referral resource.

    New 2018 Premera Flex Advantage Plan Shows Costs | 12/7/2017

    Learn about the new Premera Flex Advantage PPO Plan, which helps customers make informed choices about healthcare costs.
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  • Reminders and updates

    New Resource Supports Healthier Pregnancies | 2/16/2018

    If you care for expecting mothers, you’ll want to know about Premera’s BestBeginnings pregnancy app.

    Submit Credentialing Only Through OHP | 2/1/2018

    Get the facts on how a new state law is changing credentialing.

    Claims Deny for WEA Plan | 2/1/2018

    Know what’s changed and how to avoid claim denials.

    Premera Customer Access to Practitioners | 1/4/2018

    Find out about our expectations for appointment access and see the results of our annual patient satisfaction research.
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  • Quality programs

    Tackling Tough Decisions with Your Patients | 2/16/2018

    Clinicians: discover a new tool that jumpstarts important conversations with your patients and supports informed care decisions.

    HEDIS Measures: What’s new for 2018? | 12/21/2017

    Find out the latest on NCQA’s seven new HEDIS measures, and much more.

    Reducing the Overuse of Antibiotics | 12/21/2017

    These free resources help your team improve use of antibiotics and prevent antibiotic resistance.

    Depression Screening | 12/21/2017

    When is the best time to screen patients and how often should you follow up?
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  • Pharmacy

    Pharmacy Prior Authorization Edit Expansion Program | 1/4/2018

    View the latest drugs and their related policies for our prior auth program.

    Learn About Our Essentials Formulary | 12/21/2017

    Even more health plans will soon use our Essentials Formulary.

    Prior Authorization for Revatio and Sildenafil 20 mg | 12/21/2017

    Beginning January 1, 2018, all prescriptions for Revatio and its generic (sildenafil 20mg) must have prior authorization from us, in order to be covered by our metallic (state health exchange) plans.

    New Specialty Pharmacy Policy | 11/2/2017

    Premera is moving to an exclusive specialty pharmacy network with Accredo.
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  • Dental

    Premera Dental Benefits Now Available Online | 2/16/2018

    Visit our website to view detailed dental benefits, personalized for each of your patients!

    Access Dental Benefits Online | 1/4/2018

    Save time by accessing your patient’s detailed dental benefits through our website.

    Medicare Part D and CMS Enrollment | 12/7/2017

    If you care for Medicare Advantage patients and prescribe Part D drugs, you must have an enrollment application on file with CMS.
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