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    A New Look for My Premera | 4/6/2017

    Watch for a new landing page coming later this month.

    Share Your Feedback About Our Website | 4/6/2017

    Survey now available on secure provider landing page.

    Premera Provider Orientation | 4/6/2017

    Web training helps new provider staff learn about Premera.

    Upload Medical Records Instead of Faxing | 2/1/2017

    Send medical records using prospective review tool.

    Tips for PersonalCare Plans | 2/1/2017

    Use these quick online tools to confirm your patient’s referral network.

    Check Claim Status Online | 2/1/2017

    Learn how to check claim status online for timely information.
  • Medicare Advantage

    HEDIS Requests Start in February | 2/1/2017

    Medical records request conducted by Providence Health Plan.

    Vaccine Coverage | 2/1/2017

    Help your patients avoid unexpected bills for vaccines.

    Medicare Advantage Plan Changes for 2017 | 2/1/2017

    Changes related to benefits, networks, and more.

    New Ruling on Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice | 1/26/2017

    New CMS rule helps Medicare patients understand their care and costs.
  • Company updates

    Phone Audit by Pacific Market Research | 4/20/2017

    You may receive a call from Pacific Market Research to verify your provider directory information.

    Helping Patients with Chronic Conditions | 3/6/2017

    Landmark Health and providers collaborate to reach patients with multiple health conditions.

    Shared Decision-Making Resources | 3/2/2017

    New tools help our customers make better-informed health decisions.

    Free Credit Monitoring Concludes | 3/2/2017

    Find out the options for continued monitoring.

    Coding Update for Outpatient Lab Tests | 3/2/2017

    Modifier L1 for hospital outpatient lab tests is no longer valid.

    ICD-10 CM Diagnosis Coding Tips | 3/2/2017

    Choose the right codes for newborn, infant, and child health examinations.
  • Reminders and resources

    Contact Information for Clinical Appeals | 4/20/2017

    For faster service, send your appeal to the right fax number.

    Coordination of Benefits Tip | 4/20/2017

    For timely claims processing, avoid highlighter pen.

    Changes to Physical and Occupational Therapy Guidelines | 3/2/2017

    eviCore has updated its clinical guidelines for physical and occupational therapy services.

    Changes to Massage Therapy Guidelines | 3/2/2017

    See a summary of updates to eviCore’s massage therapy guidelines.
  • Quality programs

    Out-of-area Medical Records Requests | 3/2/2017

    Find out more about medical records requests from other BCBSA plans.

    Access to Practitioners | 3/2/2017

    Learn about our annual research on practitioner appointment accessibility and our related policy.

    HEDIS Requests Begin in February | 2/1/2017

    Verscend requesting HEDIS data for Premera customers.

    Improving Medical and Behavioral Health Collaboration | 1/26/2017

    2016 annual survey shows improved collaboration, opportunity for better patient care.
  • Pharmacy

    New Formulary Search Tool | 4/6/2017

    Quickly find reliable and current drug coverage and restriction information.

    New Epinephrine Pen Options | 4/6/2017

    Plan now for EpiPen refills.

    Differin 0.1% Gel Now Over-The-Counter | 4/6/2017

    Learn about another opportunity to manage the high cost of drugs for patients.

    Opioid Quantity Limit Prior Authorization | 4/6/2017

    Get the details for this new prior authorization, based on CDC recommendations.
  • Dental

    Dental Claims Processing Change | 4/6/2017

    See details about the change to provider liability for certain dental claims.
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