Join Our Network

  • Before applying, be sure to check the Washington network closure matrix to see which counties are open to accepting new providers.

    Note: All counties are now open to behavioral health counselors, as of April 1, 2019.

    How to apply

    You can request an individual contract or join one of our contracted independent practice associations or medical groups. In either case, you must meet our credentialing standards and criteria.

    1. Submit your credentialing application through ProviderSource on OneHealthPort.
      Exception: Facilities need to complete an organization/facility credentialing/recredentialing application and W-9. and then email completed documents to

      The credentialing process typically takes 60-90 days. This timeframe applies to both the ProviderSource and facility application process.

      Don’t forget to Include the following:
      • Current DEA certificate or coverage plan for the state where you practice
      • All current state licenses
      • Current professional liability insurance certificate (must not expire before credentialing is complete)
      • Any explanations to “Yes” answers on your credentialing application

    2. After completing your credentialing application through ProviderSource, check the application box indicating that you’re applying for participation with Premera. Important: Make sure the attestation date on your provider application is within 150 days from when you submit your application.

    3. Email us at to tell us you’ve completed your credentialing application and attach the following completed documents in your email:
    4. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Premera that says we’ve received your request.

    How to avoid delays

    The top reasons for incomplete applications include:

    • Incomplete address, suite number, or phone number
    • Missing tax ID number
    • Missing W-9s on new contracts
    • Expired malpractice insurance
    • Missing work history or education information
    • Hospital privileges, if applicable

    View our provider credentialing checklist

    What happens next

    The credentialing process typically takes 60-90 days.

    Notice: We’re currently working on applications submitted on August 26.

    Acceptance is based on your application information and network requirements. If your submitted application is accepted, you'll receive a contract to review and sign. Once you return your signed contract, you'll receive a counter-signed contract and the effective date of your participation.

    For all Premera plans, you can't see members until you're officially credentialed under contract. Also, your malpractice insurance must not expire before credentialing is complete.

    For new Premera providers

    Learn more about the digital tools and resources that you'll have access to as a credentialed Premera provider.

  • Use your OneHealthPort account to sign in and access important Premera tools and resources. Once signed in, you'll have access to member benefits and eligibility, claims status, forms, and more. Find everything you need in our Tools menu category.

    Need a OneHealthPort account?

    Providers must sign up for OneHealthPort to use our online tools. Registration is easy and free. Go to OneHealthPort and select the Register tab in the Single Sign-On section. If you need help call 800-973-4797.

    OneHealthPort is an independent company providing online account management and single-sign on service to multiple health plans. 

    Our online learning center features an array of tool user guides and web-based trainings, including:

    • Provider orientation: New healthcare office professionals and solo providers can learn more about the business of managing a medical practice and how to work with Premera.

    • Medical eligibility and benefits: Learn about member eligibility and benefit information, including deductible and benefit limit accumulators.

    • Claims best practice: Learn about the most common claims errors and how to prevent them.

    • Claims and payments: Find out how to get claim status, detailed payment information, and download your explanation of payments (EOPs).

    • Medical reference manual: Get answers to your most common questions.

    • Electronic transactions: Learn about faster payment through our electronic claims transaction process.

    It’s important to keep up with the latest Premera news and policy updates. Premera provider news is the primary way we communicate with our contracted provider offices.

    Sign up for an email subscription today! 

    Our contact us page gives you all the Premera contact information you need. However, if you have any other questions, please email us at