Payment Policy Updates

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    January 1, 2020

    Allergen Immunotherapy Unit Limits
    Clarified that the maximum yearly dose frequency for allergen immunotherapy is based on a rolling 12-month period which includes all provider code submissions.

    Consultation Code Services
    Annual review; no changes.

    Contract Exclusions/Disallowed Charges-IP and OP Facility Services
    Removed a statement in the “Pharmacy Charges” section of the policy which conflicted with the “Nursing Care” section.

    Drugs Administered in a Physician Office
    Annual Review; no changes.

    Maternity Services

    • Throughout the policy, removed the footnotes and clarified the single submission of maternity codes statement
    • In the “Global Obstetrical Package” section: revised the wording on a number of bullets and added new bullets for services included in the “Global OB Package”
    • In the “Delivery Only” section: Revised the wording on a number of bullet point and added additional services included in the “Delivery Only” service
    • In the “Delivery including Postpartum Care” section: Expanded and clarified the description paragraph of what is included in this service
    • In the “Postpartum Care” section, clarified the description of this category
    • In the “Unlisted Maternity Care and Delivery” section: Removed the 2016 effective date for this criterion on the unlisted code
    • In the E&M Section: Revised the wording of this section and moved the Alaska exception to the exceptions section

    Medicare Status B Codes
    Annual Review; no changes.

    Modifier 51
    Annual Review; no changes.

    Multiple Diagnostic Ophthalmology Services Reduction
    Annual Review; no changes.

    Telehealth/Telemedicine Services

    • In the definitions section: Expanded and clarified the “Originating Site” definition.
    • In the “Modifier” section: Revised the layout of the list of modifiers.
    • Added new section “Originating and Distant Site” description to clarify the difference of the two sites.
    • Added new section “Documentation and Storage of Telehealth/Telemedicine Encounters” to indicate that permanent storage must occur for any telehealth service and available for review upon request.
    • In the “Codes/Coding Guidelines” section: added a summary of the CPT Coding guidelines for using the codes noted in the “Asynchronous codes”, “Telephone Assessment and Management codes” and the “Online Digital E&M Services” sections;
    • Indicated that the codes in the “Online Digital E&M Services” section will terminate as of the new year and identified the new replacement codes.
    • In the “exceptions” section: The listed exceptions would no longer be valid or implemented as of claims processed on and after April 5, 2020; 90-day notice to providers will be in the January 2, 2020 Provider News.
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