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  • Get To Know Our Alaska Medical Travel Experts | 4/8/2019

    Find out how our team of medical travel experts help make healthcare work better for Alaska members.

    The May 9 Live Alaska Wellness Academy Registration Is Open | 4/8/2019

    Remind your small and large group clients to reserve their seat.

    Premera Issues Refund Checks | 3/25/2019

    Starting this week, fully insured employer groups that paid a fee with 2018 premiums will receive a refund check because federal tax laws changed.
    New Tool Makes It Easy to Support Your Group Clients

    New Tool Makes It Easy to Support Your Group Clients | 2/25/2019

    Are you searching for ready-to-use resources for communicating Premera health benefits? We’ve got a link you’ll love.

    Annual Reminder: Medicare Secondary Payer | 1/7/2019

    Yes, it’s complex, but we have resources you can share with your group clients.

    Improved Medical Transportation Benefits are Here! | 1/7/2019

    We’ve added new features to our Medical Transportation Benefits program to help make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

    Two Quick Tips for the Secure Employer Website | 1/7/2019

    Do you support your group clients with account and billing information, enrollment updates, and reports? These tips will make your work easier.

    Digital Welcome Experience Expands | 1/7/2019

    Helping customers better understand and navigate their health plan is one way Premera is in your corner.
    What’s New for 2019

    What’s New for 2019 | 1/7/2019

    Start your new year off right with two guides: what’s new for 2019 and sales resources for you.

    2019 Creditable Coverage Reports | 12/10/2018

    Updates are available on creditable coverage reports for 2019 small and Preferred Choice groups.

    It’s Not Too Late to Get the Flu Shot | 12/10/2018

    Your group clients may be able to set up a flu shot clinic at their workplace.

    Improving Quality of Life for Chronic Pain Sufferers in 2019 | 12/10/2018

    We are improving the way we support our members with chronic conditions and encouraging positive health behaviors with MOBE.
    Updated Medical Transportation Benefits Begin in 2019

    Updated Medical Transportation Benefits Begin in 2019 | 11/26/2018

    Here’s what you should know about Premera’s updated program and the options available to your group clients.

    Updated Pharmacy Coverage for Vitamin and Supplement Products | 10/22/2018

    We’re sending letters to impacted members about changes in prescription coverage for vitamins.

    Employers Can Communicate to Employees With Ease | 10/22/2018

    Monthly we’re adding resources to the Employee Communication Resource website. What’s new now!

    Important Product Changes to ID Protection Services Offered to Self-Funded Groups | 10/8/2018

    Experian is making changes to their products. Understand what’s changing and what action your clients’ employees need to take to stay enrolled in ID protection services.

    New for Your Employers! Employee Communication Resource Website | 9/25/2018

    The new employee communications site is filled with ready-to-share resources at your fingertip.

    The 2019 Alaska Product Launch Webinar Recording Is Now Available! | 9/24/2018

    Not able to attend the live webinar or want to watch it again? We’ve got you covered. Log in to the secure producer website to view the recorded webinar.

    Remind Your Clients: Medicare Part D Notification and 2018-2019 Creditable Coverage Reports | 9/24/2018

    Help your clients understand their responsibilities to tell their employees about their creditable coverage status and Medicare prescription drug coverage, as well as CMS disclosures.

    The October 26 Live Alaska Wellness Academy Registration Is Open | 9/24/2018

    Our next session is all about understanding habits for building a happy workforce and promoting a positive work culture. Encourage your clients to reserve their seat today!
    Webinar: 2019 Alaska Product Launch

    Webinar: 2019 Alaska Product Launch | 8/27/2018

    Register today for the Premera 2019 Alaska Product Launch Webinar and learn everything you need to know for a successful selling season!

    The Next Live Alaska Wellness Academy is August 24 | 7/23/2018

    Our next session is all about creating a work culture more resilient to stress. Encourage your clients to reserve their seat today!
    2 Reasons to Sell Premera Medical and Dental

    2 Reasons to Sell Premera Medical and Dental | 6/25/2018

    Did you know you can increase your bonus earning potential by selling medical and dental plans? We’ll tell you how.

    Size Verification Required for Groups with 1-60 Subscribers | 6/11/2018

    Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska is sending groups who are renewing with 1-60 subscribers a request to complete a Group Size Certification form.

    Webinar: Alaska Dental Overview | 6/11/2018

    Premera’s dental presence is growing! Find out what this means to you and your clients.

    Our Contact Information Has Changed | 6/11/2018

    Let your clients know we have new mailing addresses for claims and other correspondence.

    Learn What’s New with Premera Pulse | 6/7/2018

    Premera Pulse webinar recording is now available in the secure producer website. Log in and listen to find out what’s new with Premera Pulse.
    Your Clients Save When They Bundle

    Your Clients Save When They Bundle | 5/7/2018

    Learn what savings are available to new and renewing group clients who get both Premera dental and medical plans.