Open Enrollment Materials Available on B’link

  • October 12, 2023

    Each year, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska provides employer groups with easy-to-share and customizable content for open enrollment. This content is designed to help benefit administrators create a winning game plan for open enrollment that makes employees’ health plan benefit selections quicker and easier.

    These materials are available in the open enrollment category in B’link.

    This year, we’re offering several resources within two convenient packages in B’link:

    • How-to Guide: This guide helps employers strategically create a successful communications plan for open enrollment in just 3 steps:
      • Step 1, Gather resources – We provide a variety of employee communications materials for open enrollment to help employers create a complete and comprehensive communications plan.
      • Step 2, Develop a strategy – Here we give employers proven methods, tips, and tricks to help set goals for open enrollment and develop a strategy to achieve those goals.
      • Step 3, Create a winning game plan – We’ve developed a suggested communications timeline that employers may use as a guide for sharing open enrollment member communications. The timeline walks them through every phase of open enrollment.
    • Promo Package: To quickly reference all the employee communications materials, select the Promo Package, which includes:
      • A simple 3-phase email strategy for getting employees to take action for open enrollment
      • Digital flyer
      • Customizable presentation for in-person meetings or webinars
      • Meeting invite template
      • Table tents with QR codes
      • Customizable TV slides

    B’link Alaska open enrollment category

    We encourage groups to customize the materials to best suit their needs as well as supplement their open enrollment communications with information about their Premera health plan. B’link includes a broad library of materials that they can share.

    B’link Alaska homepage

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