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  • Save Time by Using the Correct Forms

    Find out which 3 forms are the most commonly misused.

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  • Online tools and resources

    Availity Access to Premera Member Info for Out-of-Area Providers | 6/18/2020

    Learn about the multi-payer secure platform that launched on June 15.
    Join Our Network

    Join Our Network | 5/21/2020

    Resources and tips for completing credentialing applications.

    Online Tools Available to Check Claims and Eligibility | 4/16/2020

    Save time (and a phone call) using our online tools.

    Online Coding Resources | 3/12/2020

    Online tutorials and user guide help improve coding.
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  • Individual plans

    You Asked, We Listened: Individual Plans Resource Page!

    You Asked, We Listened: Individual Plans Resource Page! | 6/4/2020

    Get everything you need in one resource for Premera individual plans.

    View Individual Plan Deductibles, Benefits, and PCPs | 3/19/2020

    Get tips for the Search Member Eligibility function.

    Incorrect Prefixes Printed for 2020 Individual Plans | 3/19/2020

    Get correct prefixes here.
    Individual Plans are No Longer Using eviCore Healthcare

    Individual Plans are No Longer Using eviCore Healthcare | 3/19/2020

    Learn how to submit a prior authorization for outpatient rehabilitation services.
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  • Company updates

    Itemized Bill Review of Facility Claims | 7/2/2020

    Starting August 1, 2020, CERiS will perform itemized bill reviews of facility claims.

    Racism Is a Healthcare Issue | 6/18/2020

    We need to do Better.
    InterQual Criteria Used to Review Services

    InterQual Criteria Used to Review Services | 6/18/2020

    Premera expands use of InterQual® criteria to review services.

    Antibody Testing Medical Policy | 6/4/2020

    Premera’s Antibody policy is consistent with CDC’s guidance.

    Extended Prior Authorization Timelines Ending | 6/4/2020

    The timelines established by the DOI have ended.

    CPT Lab Test Codes for Antibody Tests | 5/21/2020

    It’s critical for providers to correctly code these claims.
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  • High-value care

    Value-Based Payment Models | 11/15/2018

    Learn more about the shift to a model that rewards high-quality, cost efficient care.
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  • Reminders and updates

    Save Time by Using the Correct Forms

    Save Time by Using the Correct Forms | 7/2/2020

    Find out which 3 forms are the most commonly misused.

    Policy Update for Antibody (Serology) Testing | 6/18/2020

    Learn more about Premera’s benefit coverage guidelines.

    Telehealth Physical Exams | 6/18/2020

    Tips for capturing information and doing a physical exam during a telehealth visit.

    Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Claim Edits | 6/4/2020

    Learn about correct coding edits for UB-04 claims.
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  • Quality programs

    Home Test Kits During COVID-19 Pandemic | 7/2/2020

    Members can complete important health tests at home.

    New Process for Payment Integrity | 6/18/2020

    Premera is working with MedReview and Claris Health for payment accuracy and appropriateness.

    Information on Well-Child Checkups Sent to Members | 3/5/2020

    Some FEP members will receive information about well-child checkups. Here’s what you need to know.

    HEDIS Quality Measure Changes | 2/20/2020

    The National Committee for Quality Assurance released changes for select HEDIS® Quality measures.
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  • Pharmacy

    Voluntary Recall for Metformin Hydrochloride Extended-Release Tablets | 7/2/2020

    Find out about FDA recall by Apotex Corporation for metformin hydrochloride ER 500 mg tablets

    New Pharmacy Prior Authorizations and Edits on August 1, 2020 | 6/18/2020

    Learn which asthma and diabetes drugs will require prior authorization.

    New to Preventive Services: PrEP for HIV | 6/4/2020

    Starting July 1, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) will be covered as a preventive service.

    FDA Alert: EpiPen Auto-Injector Errors | 5/7/2020

    EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. auto-injectors may have a delayed injection or aren’t properly injecting.
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  • Dental

    Premera Will Not Cover the Added Cost of PPE | 6/4/2020

    Premera will not cover the added cost of the PPE on dental claims.
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