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    New Web-Based Training for Busy Clinicians | 9/20/2018

    Providers: Learn how to more efficiently document and code with a brief web-based training.

    Check for Complete Dental and Vision Member Benefits | 8/17/2018

    Dental and vision providers: Online tool allows for easy access to member benefits.

    Wonder How Your Patients Find You? | 8/2/2018

    A look at our updated “Find a Doctor” tool.

    Premera Claims Editor Updated Regularly | 8/2/2018

    Test your claims before submitting!
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  • Company updates

    New Addition to Premera’s Leadership Team | 9/20/2018

    Lee Mills McGrath joined Premera as the Senior Vice President of Provider Strategy & Solutions.

    AIM to Conduct Clinical Reviews for Genetic Testing | 9/20/2018

    Reviews will be conducted on AIM’s Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines for Genetic Testing.

    Premera Acquires Soundpath Health Medicare | 7/19/2018

    Acquisition doubles Premera’s Medicare Advantage member population.

    Premera and Emerging Cell/Gene Therapies | 6/7/2018

    Oncology practices and eye specialists: learn about our approach to CAR T-cell and gene therapies.

    Flexible Network Begins January 2019 | 5/3/2018

    If you’re with a hospital or ambulatory surgical center, you’ll want to know about this national Blue Cross Blue Shield network that evaluates providers on cost and quality.

    Cost by Region for Brain MRI | 5/3/2018

    Compare costs of brain MRIs in your region.
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  • High-value care

    Costs by Region – Vaginal and C-Section Delivery | 9/6/2018

    How costly is giving birth in your region?

    Costs by Region – Knee Arthroscopy and Knee Replacement | 7/19/2018

    Just how costly are these two common knee procedures?

    Costs by Region – CT Lower Back without Contrast | 6/7/2018

    Learn how much a CT scan costs in Fairbanks and Anchorage.
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  • Reminders and updates

    Make It Easy for Patients to Find You | 9/20/2018

    Keep your Premera directory information updated regularly for patients’ access.

    Sign Up for Provider News | 9/6/2018

    Don't miss a single update from Premera.

    Reminder! Massage Therapist Licensing & Billing | 9/6/2018

    To avoid being out of compliance with your contract, licensed massage therapists need to be added on contracts and claims billed under their name.

    Clinical Reviews for Sleep Studies | 7/19/2018

    Do you know how to complete required clinical reviews for PAP devices, oral appliances, and sleep and titration studies?
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  • Quality programs

    Appointment Scheduling for Care Gaps

    Appointment Scheduling for Care Gaps | 9/20/2018

    Premera is helping Individual members schedule important screenings.

    Women’s Health and Diabetes Initiatives for FEP Members | 8/17/2018

    We’re reminding patients to get preventive screenings.

    Watch for Annual CMS Risk Adjustment Data Validation Audit This Summer | 7/19/2018

    You may receive a request to submit medical records for this audit.

    HEDIS Quality Measure: Readmissions | 7/19/2018

    Do you know there are free resources to help reduce patient readmissions?
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  • Pharmacy

    Pharmacy Prior Authorization Edit Expansion Program September 2018 | 9/20/2018

    View the latest drugs and their related policies for our prior authorization program.

    Pharmacy Prior Authorization Edit Expansion Program August 2018 | 8/17/2018

    View the latest drugs and their related policies for our prior authorization program.

    Important Information for Patients Regarding Accu-Chek Aviva Plus Test Strips | 8/2/2018

    Accu-Chek® Aviva Plus test strips potentially show inaccurate results.

    Rising Costs of Brand Topical Acne Medication | 8/2/2018

    Premera is helping customers find affordable, alternative acne medication.
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  • Dental

    Access for Complete Dental and Vision Member Benefits | 7/19/2018

    Dental and vision providers: Sign up for secure access today to get member benefits info online.

    Dentists Can Reduce Risk of Opioid Addiction | 4/19/2018

    Did you know that dentists are the most prevalent prescribers of opioids for teens?

    Premera Promotes Preventive Dental Care | 4/19/2018

    We’re reaching out to members who haven’t had preventive dental care recently.

    A Change to Dental Anesthesia Claims | 4/19/2018

    Dental office teams: you’ll want to know about this change to anesthesia claims, beginning with claims received May 1.
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