Outpatient Rehabilitation

  • Tips for requesting reviews through eviCore healthcare

    • Premera defines an episode of care as services provided by the same provider type within a 90-day period, based on the claim’s date of service.
    • The Physical and Occupational Therapy Services payment policy has specific unit limits for various modalities and services. These limits are enforced in the Claims Editor. Review the policy to avoid a claim edit.
    • After the patient's initial visit, request a medical necessity review by calling eviCore healthcare at 800-792-8751, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, or visit eviCore healthcare.
    • Use the prior authorization or code check tool in Availity to see if eviCore review is needed. Access the code check tool through the Premera Payer Space in Resources or through Authorizations & Referrals > Additional Authorizations and Referrals.
    • Include the member's plan prefix and number (i.e., “ABC123456789” - no spaces).
    • If the system says "no authorization required,” take a screenshot in case of retrospective review.

    Individual Plans

    Individual Plans use a separate code list, prior authorization tool, and online submission tool Identifi (not eviCore). Sign in to Individual Plan tools.

    Outpatient rehabilitation codes

    Check our code list to view outpatient rehabilitation codes. If no results are found, the code doesn't require review. We review non-specific codes when the claim is submitted.

    More information

    To create an account and/or initiate an authorization:

    • Visit eviCore healthcare
    • Call 800-792-8751 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday
      (out-of-network providers: submit requests by calling this number.)
    • Fax an eviCore healthcare request form to 800-540-2406
      (Go to Online Forms & Resources to select the specific treatment form.)

    Visit eviCore healthcare for:

    • Orientation, CorePath training, tutorials
    • Clinical guidelines and worksheets
    • CPT code list
    • Medical necessity review authorization request (via clinical certification online tool)
    • Performance summary reports (sign in and select PPS in top navigation)

    eviCore healthcare is an independent company managing outpatient rehabilitation services for Premera providers.