Availity Premera Provider Portal Launch Coming Soon

  • August 5, 2021

    We know that tracking patient information using countless secure websites for multiple health plans can be a daily challenge for provider offices.

    Starting this fall, we'll have a single-source solution for all our providers through Availity, a new secure provider portal you're likely already familiar with.

    What is Availity?

    Availity is a nationwide, multi-payer secure portal that helps providers and health plans share information efficiently. Providers benefit by having a single source of tools for multiple health plans, removing the guess work of learning a wide range of health plan platforms.

    Why We Chose Availity

    In addition to offering a better online experience with our local Washington and Alaska providers, Availity can help us increase valuable interactions with out-of-area providers who care for our national account members.

    Launch Timeline

    We started in July 2020 with a soft launch of Premera plans on the Availity platform to 5 Washington provider partners. Provider customer service teams also educated out-of-area providers about getting information for Premera members through Availity.

    Our next launch begins this fall with all Washington and Alaska medical and dental providers who are currently Availity users. Providers can verify eligibility and benefits, check the status of a claim (with enhanced features), submit a claim electronically, and enroll for electronic funds transfer.

    Premera Secure, Non-Secure Provider Websites Remain

    Transitioning our provider tools to Availity is happening in phases. Providers will still need to use Premera's secure provider portal for some transactions not yet available on Availity, such as prior authorization, claims editor, and payment policies. Secure links to access those tools will be available on Availity's website for a seamless online experience. All resources on our non-secure provider website will be linked through Availity payer space landing pages. Once all our secure tools are transitioned to Availity, Premera's secure provider portal will be retired.

    For More Information

    If you're not yet registered with Availity, we encourage you to learn more with a 30-minute introductory webinar or join the Premera Provider workshop on September 15.

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