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  • Here you'll find provider learning resources and Premera's online tool user guides.

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    Web-based training

    Help your team work smoothly with Premera. Whether you're new to your job, training someone, or taking on more responsibility, we've got fast, user-friendly ways to learn online.

    Created for your busy schedule, most modules are 3-4 minutes each.

    Provider Orientation for new healthcare office professionals and solo clinical practitioners. Helps you learn the business of managing a medical practice and how to work with Premera.

    Clinician Overview for newly-hired clinicians. Addresses prior authorization, medical policies, and other key information about working with Premera.

    BlueCard Training for healthcare office professionals. Learn the basics of assisting your patients with out-of-state Blue plans, including submitting claims.

    Claims Best Practices for claims professionals. Learn about the most common claims errors and how to prevent them.

    Coding Major Depressive Disorder
    Learn how to accurately code and document major depressive disorder. This training is the first of a new condition-focused series. It’s divided into four short sections for quick viewing.

    Learning center

    New! Provider Directory Best Practices
    Wondering why you keep receiving notices about updating your provider directory information? Not sure what’s required? This brief web-based training will share best practices as well as giving you information on the requirements for accurate provider directory listings.

    Online tool training resources

    Our user guides include step-by-step instructions with screenshots showing you how each online tool works. Share them with your office staff and let us know if you have feedback.

    BlueCard Pre-Service Review Router
    Submit online pre-service review requests for BlueCard members via their home plan's website.

    Claims and Payments
    Get claim status, detailed payment information, and even download your Explanation of Payments (EOPs).

    Claims Editor/What If Tool
    Test billing scenarios (for professional services only) and code combinations with our claims editing software that displays specific coding rationale.

    Dental Eligibility and Benefits
    Get complete dental member eligibility and benefit information, including accumulators for X-rays, tooth history, and detailed member plan language.

    Electronic Funds Transfer
    Enroll in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for your Premera/affiliate payments.

    Explanation of Payments
    Look up, print, and download PDFs of your Explanation of Payments (EOPs)

    Medical Eligibility and Benefits
    Get medical member eligibility and benefit information, including deductible and benefit limit accumulators.

    PCP Roster
    Download a roster of our members who've selected a PCP in your office.

    Prior Authorization
    See if a code needs medical necessity review, submit a review, or check the status of an existing review.

    Real-Time Estimates
    Estimate patient costs for professional and dental services, and submit claims in real-time (medical only, upon request).

    Vision Eligibility and Benefits
    Learn how to get complete vision member eligibility and benefits information.

    To use these online tools, please log in to our secure provider site.

    ID card guide

    View sample ID cards, learn about plans, new networks, and copays with ID Card Guide.