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  • How to apply

    Request an individual contract or join one of our contracted independent practice associations or medical groups and make sure you meet our credentialing criteria and standards.

    You can submit your application using our hard-copy credentialing application until we transition to the new vendor, CAQH. Find out more about the CAQH transition. (Note that the application is the same for both Alaska and Washington providers.)

    Use our provider credentialing checklist to make sure you've submitted all necessary information.

    Submit your credentialing application via the following options:

    For dental and facility providers
    Dental provider application - Request to join our dental network
    Organization/facility credentialing/recredentialing application
     - Request to join our provider network as a facility

    All applicants must send a completion email

    All applicants need to email us at to tell us you’ve completed your credentialing application and remember to attach the following completed documents:

    You’ll receive a confirmation email from Premera that says we’ve received your request. If you don't receive a Premera-automated email response, please check and make sure you've entered the correct email address.

    How to avoid delays

    The top reasons for incomplete applications include:

    • Incomplete address, suite number, or phone number
    • Missing SS-4 (EIN) on new contracts
    • Expired malpractice insurance
    • Missing work history or education information
    • Hospital privileges, if applicable

    What happens next

    The credentialing process typically takes 45-60 days and acceptance is based on your application information and network requirements. If your submitted application is accepted:

    • New provider joining our network: You'll receive a contract to review and sign through DocuSign. Once you return your signed contract, you'll receive a counter-signed contract through DocuSign with your participation effective date.
    • New provider joining an existing contracted group/clinic: You’ll receive a letter with your credentialed date, and you’ll be added under the group/clinic’s location(s) as a credentialed provider.

    For all Premera plans, you can't see members until you're officially credentialed under contract. Also, your malpractice insurance must not expire before credentialing is complete.

    Request a copy of your contract

    If you need a copy of your contract, send us an email request and we’ll send it to you directly as an email attachment. Please note this email is only for requesting contract copies.

    For new Premera providers

    Visit our Learning Center to learn more about the digital tools and resources you'll have access to a a credentialed Premera provider.

  • Availity

    Premera is now using Availity as its primary secure portal.  Most of Premera’s secure tools on will no longer be available as of September 10, 2022. Sign in to Availity or register and get training. View our Availity provider FAQ for more details.


    Access to Availity through OneHealthPort is unavailable. Providers can register directly with Availity to regain access. Sign in to Availity or register and get training.

    OneHealthPort is an independent company providing online account management and single-sign on service to multiple health plans. Availity is an independent provider of health information network services that does not provide Blue Cross Blue Shield products or services. Availity is solely responsible for its products and services.


    Our learning center is a great resource for provider workshops, information, and trainings, including:

    • Guides for using Individual Plans

    • Provider workshop dates and past workshop recordings

    • Continuing medical education resources for health equity

    • ID card guide

    Check out the learning center today.

    It’s important to keep up with the latest Premera news and policy updates. Premera Provider News is the primary way we communicate with our contracted provider offices.

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