Integrated Health Management

  • Collaborative Programs that Support the Patient-Doctor Relationship

    Integrated Health management programs are a series of programs that help members take a more active role in managing their overall health and enable us to assist physicians in providing the highest quality care. To facilitate patient-provider healthcare decisions, Premera acts as a resource to support those decisions with information and data. Please see our Clinical Practice Guidelines for examples.

    Integrated Health Management Programs

    Care Management

    Care Management covers everything from coordinating care on complex medical cases to providing assistance with hospital discharge planning. We strive to ensure that members get care in the most appropriate setting.

    Our Quality Program benefits Premera members and providers with Health Awareness Education, Disease Management, Health Risk Management and more. We work with you to monitor and improve the care you provide.

    Health Risk Management

    Our new Health Risk Management program provides a proactive approach to helping members identify and reduce specific health risk factors, through healthier lifestyle choices. The program integrates data and services to address an individual’s specific risk factors, and is designed to increase productivity and improve overall quality of life.

    Pharmacy Services

    Our Pharmacy programs have a prescription for good medicine: to improve the quality and safety of the medications you prescribe while helping you work faster and easier than ever before.