BlueCard® Resources

  • Tools and information

    Plan prefix list

    Use this list of common Blue Plan prefixes to find out where to submit your claims.

    Medical policy & pre-authorization for out-of-area members

    View medical policies, check pre-certification and pre-authorization requirements, and submit pre-service reviews for out-of-area Blue Plan members.

    Medical policy & pre-service review

    BlueCard eligibility, benefits, claims, and payment

    For eligibility and benefits, claims, and payment, sign in to Availity and select Other Blue Plans Premera BlueExchange (FEP, Shared Admin) as a payer. You'll need the member's plan prefix, ID number, first/last name, and date of birth. Call 888-261-9562 from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. to reach the Premera BlueCard claims customer service team.

    Are you a provider outside of Washington or Alaska? View information for out-of-area providers.

    Claims for out-of-state Medicaid members:
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Plans currently administer Medicaid programs in several states. Because Medicaid is a state-run program, requirements vary by state and BCBS plan. Medicaid members have limited out-of-state benefits, generally covering only emergent situations. If you're seeing an out-of-state Medicaid member, view the following two documents for more information:

    Reference manuals

    BlueCard Program Provider Manual

    The BlueCard® Program Provider Manual gives you detailed BlueCard program information and shows you how to:

    • Identify members
    • Verify eligibility
    • Obtain pre-certifications/pre-authorizations
    • File claims
    • Find contact information

    Premera Reference Manual: BlueCard and Shared Administration

    The Premera Reference Manual provides highlights of the BlueCard process for providers in contiguous counties in Oregon and Idaho and the Shared Administration program. View the Shared Administration contact list for group names, prefixes, and contact information.