Electronic Funds Transfer Overview

  • NOTICE:  Electronic funds transfer (EFT) enrollment is currently unavailable for the Premera and Affiliates payer in Availity while we improve bank validation protocols. EFT cancellations are processing as normal. Thank you.

    • Enrollment is through the Availity secure Transaction Enrollment tool
    • For security reasons, it’s critically important that the name you submit in the Availity Transaction Enrollment tool clearly matches the name you have on file with your bank. This will ensure your submission processes quickly and won't require a verification phone call.
    • Enroll only once per taxpayer identification number (TIN)
    • Direct deposit is for all Premera, Premera Medicare Advantage, and Premera affiliate and Federal Employee (FEP) payments. (Shared Administration is not supported by EFT.)
    • Access to your explanation of payments (EOPs) is through the Availity Remittance Viewer tool
    • EFT automatically enrolls you in paperless EOPs, which reduces paper waste and helps your office go digital. (Note: Starting August 1, 2024, FEP will only have online EOPs.)

    New EFT account enrollment or change requests are handled through Availity's Transaction Enrollment Tool and then submitted to Premera for processing.

    To access the tool, sign in to Availity and select My Providers > Enrollments Center > Transaction Enrollment. To change or cancel EFT, select the Premera and Affiliates as the payer. Any new bank account number change requires EFT cancellation and then re-enrollment.

    Need help? Watch our EFT tutorial video or sign in to Availity and watch the Availity Transaction (EFT) Enrollment Video.

    NOTE: For individual plans, you'll need to sign up with InstaMed for EFT. See our Individual Plan Tools and Resources page for details.


    Sign in to Availity's Transaction Enrollment Tool to check your enrollment status.

    If your bank account number changes, you need to submit a request to cancel your enrollment and re-enroll using Availity's Transaction Enrollment Tool. 

    Reminder: New EFT account enrollment or change requests (i.e., new enrollment, bank account changes, cancellation), are handled through Availity's Transaction Enrollment Tool and then submitted to Premera for processing. Any bank account number changes require EFT cancellation and re-enrollment requests.

    Reconcile your accounts: To find your online EOP, use Availity's Remittance Viewer Tool. To access the tool, sign in to Availity and select Claims & Payment from the top menu. Then select Remittance Viewer.

    Search for your EOP by check/EFT number, tax ID, NPI number, payer name, or check/EFT amount. The electronic EOP includes the same information as a paper version, including the payee information and the NPI number.

    Search by check/EFT paid date: Use the claims payment date to search for your EOP before we deposit funds in your account.

    Payment dates: Claims payments are issued every Saturday and the last day of the month. Payments are deposited into your account on the following Thursday (deposit date may vary if on or near a holiday).

    Search by payment reference ID: We send the payment reference ID number to your bank so you can find it on your statement. The payment reference ID number is 16 digits long, typically followed by additional numbers.

    Example: TRN*1*20150328123456781111111111
    (Use the bold numbers as your payment reference ID when searching on the tool.)

    2015 04 30 12345678 1111111111
    YYYY MM DD Distinct # Additional numbers (not part of payment reference ID #)

    Watch our EFT tutorial video.

    Sign in to Availity to watch the Availity Transaction (EFT) Enrollment video.

    For Availity technical support or help with registration, call 800-282-4548, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

    For payment questions, call Premera provider customer service at 800-722-4714.