Electronic Funds Transfer Overview

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) gives you the convenience of faster payments and fewer trips to the bank. Here you’ll find everything you need to sign up for EFT.

    Reminder: New EFT account enrollment or change requests will be handled by Availity starting September 10.
    Premera will continue to process EFT for our providers. If you’re already registered with Premera for EFT, you’re good to go, no action is required.

    If you have any change requests to your EFT account after September 10, 2022, (i.e., new enrollment, bank account changes, cancellation), you’ll need to make your request through Availity. Remember that any bank account number changes require EFT cancellation and re-enrollment.

    Individual Plans: Sign up with InstaMed for EFT reimbursements.

  • EFT enrollment requires an EFT administrator role with OneHealthPort (OHP). The person in your office designated as the OHP administrator can assign this role to you. Before you get started, check out our EFT user guide for helpful tips and step-by-step screenshots.

    Premera and affiliates: EFT enrollment is by tax ID number (TIN). Everyone associated with the TIN receives EFT. Only one bank account number is allowed for each TIN. If you have more than one bank account associated with your TIN, EFT may not work for you.

    Federal Employee Program (FEP): Payments are linked to your National Provider Identifier (NPI). If you have more than one account associated with your NPI, EFT may not work for you.

    Online instead of paper EOPs: EFT enrollment automatically turns off your paper explanation of payments (EOPs) for all Premera business entities and affiliates (except FEP and shared administration). After you enroll, you’ll only have online access to your EOPs.

    You’ll receive direct deposit for all Premera, Premera affiliate, and FEP payments. Shared administration is not supported by EFT.

    EFT administrator role

    The person in your office designated as the OHP administrator can assign you an EFT administrator role.

    • Provider name (Doing business as (DBA) name)
    • Contact information
    • Billing agency or clearinghouse accepting payments on your behalf
    • Bank name, account type, account, and routing numbers


    1. 1Have the EFT administrator in your office visit OneHealthPort and select the Premera Blue Cross logo.
    2. Select All Other Plans and then sign in using your OneHealthPort subscriber ID and password.
    3. After you’re signed in, select the Tools tab and then Electronic Funds Transfer.
    4. Follow the instructions on the enrollment page and select Get started now to complete and submit the online enrollment form.
    5. Print a copy of your completed enrollment form for your records.

    You can check your bank account online to view deposits. To access your explanation of payment (EOP), use the Claims & Payments tool located in the Tools category of the provider website menu.

    Sign in and check your enrollment status on the EFT tool (secure) homepage. Your first online payment may take up to 15 business days to process after you submit your enrollment form. Please allow 5-7 days to verify information with your bank and an additional 5-7 days for the payment cycle.

    If your bank account number changes, you need to discontinue your enrollment by selecting Cancel EFT. Enroll again with your new bank account number.

    Reconcile your accounts: To find your online EOP, use the Claims & Payment tool and select Payments. Search for your EOP by payment reference ID number, dollar amount, or paid date. The electronic EOP includes the same information as a paper version, including the payee information and the NPI number.

    Search by paid date: Use the claims payment date to search for your EOP before we deposit funds in your account.

    Payment dates: Claims payments are issued every Saturday and the last day of the month. Payments are deposited into your account on the following Thursday (deposit date may vary if on or near a holiday).

    Search by payment reference ID: We send the payment reference ID number to your bank so you can find it on your statement. The payment reference ID number is 16 digits long, typically followed by additional numbers.

    Example: TRN*1*20150328123456781111111111
    (Use the bold numbers as your payment reference ID when searching on the tool.)

    2015 04 30 12345678 1111111111
    YYYY MM DD Distinct # Additional numbers (not part of payment reference ID #)

    Contracted providers: Call Physician and Provider Relations at 800-722-4714, option 4

    Non-contracted providers: Call Customer Service at 800-722-4714, option 2

    For payment questions, call Customer Service at 800-722-4714, option 2

    For technical support managing your OneHealthPort account, call 800-973-4797.