Admission Notification

  • Hospitals routinely notify Premera of all inpatient admissions, which allows us to verify benefits, link members to other programs and assess the need for case management. Some plans may be subject to pre-approval, please refer to back of member ID card.

    Services requiring admission notification:

    • Inpatient admissions – Non emergency, elective or scheduled admissions (including Mental Health and Chemical Dependency)
    • Skilled nursing facility and acute rehabilitation admissions
    • Acute care hospitals
    • Inpatient Hospice
    • Behavioral Health and Chemical Dependency, residential treatment centers and intensive outpatient treatment centers (IOP)

    Admission Notification policies and procedures:

    • Premera should be notified of urgent/emergent admissions within 48 hours of the admission.
    • Maternity admissions related to delivery do not require admission notification for the first 48 hours for vaginal delivery or the first 96 hours for C-section. Inpatient stays beyond the first 48 hours for vaginal delivery or the first 96 hours for C-section require admission notification.
    • Other elective/scheduled admissions should complete the admission notification process prior to admission.
    • Extenuating Circumstances Policy 
    • To notify us that a discharge notification was sent by mistake, please call Care Management at 800-722-4714, option 3.

    Policies DO NOT apply to members covered by:

    Medicare Supplement

    Submit Admission Notification: