Who can pay your monthly health insurance bill

pay health plan Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If you bought an individual health plan through Healthcare.gov or Premera, it's important to know the ways you can pay your monthly bill, also known as a premium. As a general rule, you should conduct all financial business related to your individual health plan through personal bank and credit card accounts.

This is especially important for small business owners who may consider themselves or their family members employees. Individual health plans are for personal purchase and use, and we cannot accept any business checks as payment for these plans, even if you own the company. Payments coming from non-personal accounts, known as “third party payers”, are regulated by the Federal Government and are considered personal expenses. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

Who can pay for your health plan?

  • You
  • A member of your family such as a spouse or parent
  • An Indian tribe, tribal organization or urban Indian organization
  • State and federal government programs and their grantees
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Programs (and their community-based organizations like Alaska Aids Assistance Association and Interior Aids Association).
  • If you purchased directly from Premera, only you or a family member can pay for your health plan. No other parties are authorized to make a payment on your behalf.

If you purchased through Healthcare.gov, the following parties cannot pay for your health plan:

  • A hospital or other healthcare provider
  • Your employer
  • A charity or other non-profit organization
  • A governmental organization, other than those state and federal programs as required by law
  • Your own business

It's important to make sure your plan is paid for through a personal account as we'll have to return a payment that comes from another party. A health plan could be canceled if we do not receive a payment from a personal account. A business could also receive a tax penalty for paying for an employee's individual health plan.

Please call Premera if have any questions about your monthly payments or your policy at 800-508-4722. If you are interested in enrolling your company in a small group health plan, you can learn more here.

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