Open enrollment FAQs

  • We'd like to make it simple for you. Answer a few questions in our shopping tool to find your estimated tax credit, a plan match, and then apply.

    To make your one-time initial payment:

    Current customers, you'll receive an invoice with instructions for how to pay. 

    New customers, you'll have two options when you enroll: pay now or later. If you choose to pay later, you'll receive an invoice that will give you the option to pay by check or pay online. You'll need the system ID from the invoice slip to make your payment.

    Yes, your Preferred Provider Organization plan allows you to see healthcare providers in the Heritage network. Use the Find a Doctor tool to find providers by name, location, or specialty.

    You also have access to the 24-Hour NurseLine and Teledoc® virtual care, so you can get care even if you're away from home.

    Premera has partnered with eviCore Healthcare to provide medical necessity management for certain outpatient rehabilitation services, such as physical therapy, massage therapy, and occupation therapy. Determining medical necessity helps our customers get the most effective care for their condition helps us manage your monthly premiums.

    If you bought your plan through, you need to contact them to make plan changes, check eligibility or change your personal information (address, email, phone number). They will share that information with us.

    If you bought your plan directly from Premera, please call 800-508-4722 to check eligibility or update personal information.

    It's up to you, but health savings accounts come with certain tax advantages, and help you save for medical expenses. Learn more about getting started.

    A grandfathered plan is an individual health plan purchased on or before March 23, 2010. This type of plan is exempt from many changes required by the Affordable Care Act.

    If you're enrolled in a grandfathered plan, you don't need to do anything. Your plan will renew automatically on. However, if your health needs have changed, you can check out our current plans.