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    If you believe your condition is life or disability-threatening, call 911 or go to an emergency room.

  • Primary Care Physician (PCP)

    If you have a doctor you ordinarily visit, you may want to call or email to talk about your symptoms and to learn if they can see you right away. Many clinics have an after-hours line as well, with on-call physicians.

    Find a Doctor

    Use this tool to find a new physician near you, as well as pharmacies, clinics, and medical facilities. Sign in to search only those in your network.

    24-Hour NurseLine

    Call and talk with a registered nurse who can help you decide your best care option. Find the number on the back of your member ID card.


    Get a phone or video visit with a board-certified doctor. Go to Teladoc online or call 888-332-4059 to set up a Teladoc account or start a new consultation.

    Retail clinics or urgent care*

    Usually open every day, these clinics are often conveniently situation in neighborhoods. Retail clinics are suited for uncomplicated illnesses such as cold, flu, or pink eye. Urgent care clinics provide care for illness and injuries that need immediate treatment, such as rashes, urinary symptoms, burns, and lacerations. If you suspect a broken bone, call first to make sure the clinic has imaging machines.

    Emergency department

    Care, usually at a hospital, for life-threatening injuries or illnesses such as: chest pain; deep wounds; sudden confusion, weakness, dizziness, numbness, severe headache, difficulty speaking or breathing; head injuries with loss of consciousness; major burns; vomiting blood; smoke or chemical inhalation; poisoning, overdoses, suicidal behavior, physical or sexual assault, pregnancy complications over 20 weeks. Check to make sure the hospital and any contracted physician groups are in network.

    *Check your benefit booklet to make sure this is included in your plan.

    Find a Doctor

    Sign in and browse by category to search for local therapists and behavioral health specialists in your network. Read more about the different kinds of mental health provider.

    Talkspace (phone or video calls, text messages)

    Register, select a therapist, and text to set up your first video session. Start now

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    We have a number of virtual and in-person services available. Answer a few quick questions and we'll help you find the right one for your situation.

    Do you have a physical illness or injury, or do you want help with mental health or chemical dependency?