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    Be sure to review your benefit summary before visiting your doctor. Know what's covered, what's not, and what needs preapproval.

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  • Some doctors and hospitals cost more than others!

    We encourage you to compare healthcare costs. Some doctors, clinics, and hospitals are less expensive than others. Use our Find a Doctor tool to see how you can save.

    Know your coverage details

    Summary of benefits and coverage

    As part of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, all health plans must provide a summary of benefits in a standard four-page format. These summaries help you understand how a plan works and makes comparing plans easier.

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    Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Medical costs depend on whether you visit an in-network doctor or hospital, how much is billed, and what the coverage is for your specific plan.

    You can see general treatment costs for your plan by logging into your account. From your dashboard, use the Compare Treatment Costs tool. Or, log in, choose Find a Doctor, and then choose Find a cost:

    graphic highlighting the 'find a doctor' button - includes buttons for Medical Care, Dental Care, Vision Care, Pharmacy, Hospital, Urgent Care, Other Facilities, and Find a cost

    Or, you can call your doctor's office to ask what your specific service will be, and what the procedure and diagnosis codes are. Then, you can call us and we can let you know the coverage for that service based on your plan.

    What's covered depends on how old you are, and, in some cases, whether you're at high risk for certain health issues or diseases. Find out more about preventive health coverage.

    Some health care facilities such as some hospitals or outpatient clinics will add what's called a facility fee to healthcare bills. These charges are intended to help hospitals provide specialty services. Your facility fee does count toward your deductible or coinsurance (if applicable).

    When you have more than one health plan, your health coverage is subject to what's known as coordination of benefits. Please complete the other coverage questionnaire to let us know that you have another policy. One policy will be primary, and the other will be secondary. You'll want to make sure both plans know you'll need coordination of benefits to help process your claims more quickly.

    If you have had an accident and there's another type of insurance such as auto insurance, you can use the incident questionnaire. These forms usually take 30 to 45 days to process once we receive them. You can find this form under Manage My Account.

    1. Log in to your Premera account.
    2. Under Manage My Account, go to Personal Funding Account. You can then arrange payments through ConnectYourCare, which provides payment services for Premera HSA members. Additional information is found on Welcome to Your HSA Plan.

    You can cancel your plan several ways.

    • Secure email: You can log in to our member website to send us a secure email. Under Member Services, choose Secure Inbox, and email us your cancellation. Please include your ID number, the names of the people on the plan being cancelled, and the date you would like your cancellation to take effect.
    • Letter or fax: You can fax or send us a letter to cancel your health plan. We need a written or typed cancellation letter with your ID number, the names of the people on the plan being cancelled, the date you would like your cancellation to take effect, and your signature.

      Mailing address:
      PO Box 91120
      Seattle, WA 98111
      Fax number: 425-918-3727

    • Call us: at 800-508-4722 and we can take your cancellation over the phone.