Coverage Anywhere

  • Peace of mind with the BlueCard Program

    When you are covered by Premera Blue Cross your plan offers specific levels of healthcare benefits wherever you live or travel, across the country and worldwide. Your BlueCard benefits are indicated by a suitcase symbol on your member ID card.

    If the suitcase symbol on your ID card contains the letters PPO, your health plan uses the BlueCard PPO program.

    If your card has a plain suitcase symbol, your health plan used BlueCard Traditional program.

    Please refer to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program or your Benefit Booklet for details about BlueCard Program benefits. Of course, if you believe you have a medical emergency, call 911 or seek emergency care immediately, no matter where you are.

    The BlueCard PPO Program

    With this program you have access to a national and worldwide network of Blue Cross Blue Shield plan contracted healthcare providers, called "Blue Plan" providers. As a member of Premera Blue Cross, you have access to the BlueCard Program no matter where you live or travel, across the country and worldwide. Here's how:

    Find a nearby Blue Plan provider:

    Visit the Blue Plan provider and show your member ID card. The provider will quickly verify your Premera membership and coverage.

    After you receive medical attention, the provider will submit the claim to the local Blue Cross or Blue Shield plan, and they'll route it to us. You're responsible only for the out-of-pocket expenses you would normally pay under the requirements of your plan, as if you were at home.

    Please note: Some groups may have a different contact phone number. Please confirm your contact number on the back of your ID card before calling. For more detailed information about your benefits, see your contract or contact us.