Preventive Health

  • Your health is our top concern

    We know healthcare is complicated, but we're committed to helping you get the care you need and understand your benefits.

    Note: Benefits under your health plan may differ, so refer to your benefit booklet for information on what your specific health plan covers.

    Checkups are important

    A regular exam isn't just for kids. Most significant health issues are spotted in a routine office visit. Identifying problems early, before they become more serious and harder to treat, improves outcomes. That's why Premera offers routine preventive medical exams at no cost, as part of your plan benefits. Checkups are also a great time to ensure you're up to date on vaccinations and talk about any concerns.

    Get all you can from your preventive health benefits

    Choose a category for more information on care and your benefits. Keep in mind that non-preventive services (such as diagnostic services to evaluate symptoms or your family history) are not covered in full.

    Pregnant woman


    Know your benefits for a healthy pregnancy, postpartum care, and breast pump coverage.

    Pregnancy care

    Kids' health

    Your health plan is available from getting infant feeding support through your child’s 26th birthday.

    Care for kids

    Womens health prevention

    Women's health

    Find out when to get your mammogram, Pap test, and more.

    Women's health benefits

    Men's health

    A primary care provider can help with preventive care, injuries, and other concerns.

    Men's health benefits

    Support when you need it

    Mental health

    Learn more about therapy, eating disorders, and substance abuse help.

    Mental health benefits

    Colon cancer screenings

    Review your colonoscopy coverage before your appointment.

    Colonoscopy and FIT tests

    Tips to avoid surprise costs

    1. Use in-network healthcare providers. Sign into your account and use Find a Doctor.
    2. Use in-network labs. We recommend downloading the Premera app and pulling up the list of labs when your doctor orders blood tests. Your app also has your ID card, so you'll never be without it.
    3. Some doctors and hospitals cost more than others. Compare healthcare costs to see how you can save.
    4. Some services require pre-approval to be covered.

    A checklist for your check-up!

    Your plan covers preventive and diagnostic care differently. Check your benefit booklet for specifics. See what qualifies as preventive care.

    Did you buy your health plan before March 23, 2010? If so, your plan is known as a grandfathered plan and may not include benefits found in plans sold as part of the Affordable Care Act. View Preventive health screenings for grandfathered plans.

    Other health resources

    • Evidence shows maintaining good dental health plays an important role in your overall health
    • If you're traveling abroad or have children in school, check out the latest vaccination recommendations for children, teens and adults.
    • Protect your health through early detection and treatment of health problems

    Frequently asked question about preventive care

    Are preventive benefits really free?

    All plans cover an annual preventive care visit to your primary care doctor. What's covered depends on how old you are, and, in some cases, whether you're at high risk for certain health issues or diseases. 

    Note: Diagnostic tests given during your preventive visit, such as laboratory work, may not be covered. Check with customer service if you have any questions.

  • Benefits under your health plan may differ, so refer to your benefit booklet for information on what your specific health plan covers.

    Your health plan covers preventive care services as required by state and federal law. For more information, please review the "A" and "B" rated services on the United States Preventive Task Force, immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and preventive care and screening recommended by the Health Resources and Services Administration. See the list on