Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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    Pay my bill
    • How do I find my system ID number to make my first binding payment?
    • What do I need to know to use the bill pay system?
    • Who can pay for my health plan?
    • Can I change the date of a future-dated payment?
    • How can I set up automatic recurring payments online?

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    Benefits and coverage
    • Are preventive benefits really free?
    • What are facility charges, and are they covered?
    • How do I cancel my coverage?

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    Understanding your ID card
    • I need to use my health plan, but don't yet have my ID card. Can I go to the doctor?
    • I've lost my ID card. What should I do?
    • What do all the numbers and letters on my ID card mean?

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    Using your health plan
    • I need to use my health plan, but I don't have my ID card. What should I do?
    • Where do I go online to find more information about my plan?
    • My name, address, or other personal information is wrong. What do I do?

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