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  • Register Today! Alaska Producer Education Series is March 30

    Join us Thursday, March 30 for our first Producer Education Series of 2023.

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  • General

    Register Today! Alaska Producer Education Series is March 30 | 3/9/2023

    Join us Thursday, March 30 for our first Producer Education Series of 2023

    Update on Negotiations with EvergreenHealth | 3/9/2023

    Negotiations continue to find a solution that includes a reasonable rate increase and practical steps to drive down costs

    Biden Administration Announces COVID PHE Ends May 11 | 2/9/2023

    On January 30, 2023, the Biden administration announced that the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), which has been in place since January 2020, ends on May 11, 2023

    New Program Launches to Get Anchorage Residents Out of Homelessness | 2/9/2023

    With initial investment from Premera, the new Home for Good program in Anchorage is showing great promise
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  • Individual market

    Quick Tips to Help Clients with Health Savings Accounts | 3/9/2023

    Help your clients make the most of our Preferred Bronze HSA plan benefits

    What to Know About Special Enrollment | 2/9/2023

    Learn how your individual clients might qualify for a health plan outside of open enrollment

    Relay Mobile Messaging Coming to Members in 2023 | 1/12/2023

    Learn more about the text messages your clients will receive linking them to a personalized experience

    Online Resources To Help You Through Open Enrollment | 12/7/2022

    Open enrollment is a breeze with these available resources
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  • Group market

    Employer Engagement Series Launched in February | 3/9/2023

    The recording of the first Premera Employer Engagement Series is now available

    Update on Reporting requirements for Prescription Drug Data Collection | 3/9/2023

    Find out how Premera plans to support reference year 2022 reporting for group clients, due June 1, 2023

    No Surprises Act - Update on Air Ambulance Data Collection (AADC) | 3/9/2023

    CMS delays deadline for reporting pending final rule

    DOI Seeking Public Comment on 80th Percentile Regulation in Alaska | 2/9/2023

    The Alaska Division of Insurance has proposed a regulation change that would abolish Alaska’s 80th percentile regulation
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  • Large group

    No Surprises Act - Independent Dispute Resolution Fees | 1/12/2023

    Beginning March 1, 2023 arbitration fees will be passed on to self-funded and OptiFlex groups

    Extended Payment Integrity Services | 1/12/2023

    Important updates to the Premera Post-Payment Extended Recovery Program for 2023

    January 1 Readiness | 12/7/2022

    Here are some tips to help your large group clients start the new plan year right

    January 1 Readiness For Large Groups | 10/13/2022

    Key dates and contacts for a seamless renewal experience
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  • Small group

    Important Contacts for Common Questions | 12/7/2022

    Keep these contacts handy for common questions

    New Plan Administrator Guide Available | 11/8/2022

    Our go-to guide for plan administrators has been updated with our new payment address information and is available now

    2023 Small Group Resources Are Ready For Use | 11/8/2022

    The 2023 health plan guide, summary of changes, and benefit highlights are now available

    Sprint Into the New Plan Year! Small Group Business Ready to Quote | 10/13/2022

    New fully insured group business with Premera can result in a bonus. Start quoting small group now in Rapid Rate
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  • Pharmacy

    Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Name Change | 4/12/2022

    New name, same patient-first service

    Our Preventive Drug List is Changing | 11/10/2021

    Your clients will be notified about this change soon

    New Pharmacy Prior Authorizations Going Live on July 1, 2021 | 5/11/2021

    A drug, Soolantra, will soon require prior authorization

    New Pharmacy Prior Authorization Going Live on January 1, 2021 | 11/9/2020

    Some drugs will require a new prior authorization.
    New Pharmacy Prior Authorization Going Live On October 2, 2020

    New Pharmacy Prior Authorization Going Live On October 2, 2020 | 8/24/2020

    A fertility drug, Follistim, will now require prior authorization.
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  • Medicare

    Inflation Reduction Act Improves Coverage of Recommended Vaccines And Insulins | 3/9/2023

    Important changes to insulin and vaccine costs from the Inflation Reduction Act

    2023 Medicare Supplement Rates Approved | 2/9/2023

    Sales resources are now available for Medicare Supplement

    2023 Enrollment Tool is Available | 1/12/2023

    A reminder for those using our online enrollment tool to sell Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans

    Cost Shares For 2023 Medicare Supplement Plans Announced | 12/7/2022

    Member annual notice letters have mailed
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