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  • Now Available! 2022 Premera Producer Survey

    The 2022 Premera producer survey is an excellent opportunity for you to tell us how we can better support you.

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  • General

    Transparency in Coverage Rule | 6/9/2022

    An update to this rule and how Premera is preparing for July 1, 2022

    Now Available! 2022 Premera Producer Survey | 6/9/2022

    The 2022 Premera producer survey is an excellent opportunity for you to tell us how we can better support you

    Nadja Hipszer Appointed as Director of Alaska Sales | 6/9/2022

    Premera is pleased to announce the appointment of Nadja Hipszer as director of Alaska Sales

    Premera Welcomes Lori Vickery to Alaska Sales Team | 6/9/2022

    Lori Vickery joins Premera as an implementation account specialist, supporting 51+ fully insured, OptiFlex, and self-funded groups
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  • Individual market

    Virtual Care: Access and Options | 5/12/2022

    Your Premera clients have access and options for virtual mental health benefits

    Preventive Services Updates Coming May 31, 2022 | 5/12/2022

    Learn about upcoming changes to our preventive care benefits

    Premera-Designated Centers of Excellence: Enhanced Benefits for Alaska Individual Members | 3/14/2022

    Alaska members on individual and family plans have access to the Premera-Designated Centers of Excellence program

    How to Help Create Online Accounts for Individual Clients | 3/14/2022

    Show your clients the benefits of setting up their own online accounts
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  • Group market

    New Employer FAQ for ESRD Patients Now Available | 5/12/2022

    For self-funded and OptiFlex groups enrolled in Non-Preferred Choice plans, an updated Frequently Asked Questions reviewing out-of-network provider dialysis benefit solution for ESRD patients is now available

    Don’t Forget…eSignatures Are Now Required | 5/12/2022

    As a reminder, digital signatures on plan contracts are required for all 51+ groups within 90 days from the effective date. This includes Preferred Choice group contracts

    In Memoriam | 4/12/2022

    Spencer Biegel was as an independent producer primarily supporting customers in our small group market

    Producer Education Program | 3/14/2022

    Join us for a webinar focusing on finding care that's right for your client—one that's cost effective, efficient, and high quality
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  • Large group

    Yukon Network Now Available for OptiFlex Groups

    Yukon Network Now Available for OptiFlex Groups | 10/13/2021

    Starting January 1, 2022 OptiFlex groups are now eligible

    Behavioral Health Solution for Children | 10/13/2021

    Premera has expanded access to behavioral health solutions for children

    Preferred Choice 2022 Benefit Highlights Are Available | 9/16/2021

    We make it easy for you to help your clients move forward with their new or renewing Preferred Choice plan with benefit highlights

    Important Information for January 1 Readiness | 9/16/2021

    Deadlines for January readiness are coming up
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  • Small group

    Small Group Renewal Proposal Packages to Include the Rating Census | 5/12/2022

    Starting with July 1, 2022 effective dates, small group renewal proposal packages will now include the rating census.

    Small Group Plan Changes for 2022 | 11/10/2021

    If your group has a plan with benefits that are changing in 2022, notices will be sent out.

    Important Small Group Contacts | 9/16/2021

    You will want to save these contacts as you prepare for January readiness

    Small Group Discontinuation Notices | 7/8/2021

    If your group has a plan that is being discontinued in 2022, notices are being sent out
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  • Pharmacy

    Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Name Change | 4/12/2022

    New name, same patient-first service

    Our Preventive Drug List is Changing | 11/10/2021

    Your clients will be notified about this change soon

    New Pharmacy Prior Authorizations Going Live on July 1, 2021 | 5/11/2021

    A drug, Soolantra, will soon require prior authorization

    New Pharmacy Prior Authorization Going Live on January 1, 2021 | 11/9/2020

    Some drugs will require a new prior authorization.
    New Pharmacy Prior Authorization Going Live On October 2, 2020

    New Pharmacy Prior Authorization Going Live On October 2, 2020 | 8/24/2020

    A fertility drug, Follistim, will now require prior authorization.
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  • Medicare

    New Silver&Fit Access for Producers | 4/12/2022

    Our Silver&Fit® benefit is a great way to keep our Medicare Advantage members thriving

    Medicare Supplement Rates Approved - 2022 Sales Resources Available | 2/11/2022

    The Alaska Division of Insurance (DOI) approved the 2022 Alaska Medicare Supplement rates

    How Does a Medication Become Part Of The Preferred Drug List? | 1/13/2022

    The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review and healthcare plans are using shared data and analytics to evaluate new medications.

    Cost shares for 2022 Medicare Supplement Plans announced | 12/13/2021

    Member annual notice letters mailed

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