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  • General

    New Design for Premera Producer News | 12/13/2023

    Visit and bookmark our new page to find the latest updates and exciting new changes

    These Articles Will Get You Ready for January | 11/8/2023

    Here’s what you need to know to be ready for January

    The Buzz Around GLP-1 Medications | 8/10/2023

    GLP-1 brand name medications like Wegovy and Ozempic are impacting drug trends and pharmacy benefits

    Preventive Benefit Updates Effective July 1 | 7/12/2023

    Learn about changes to our preventive care benefits
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  • Individual market

    Renewal and Discontinuation Notifications | 11/8/2023

    Your guide to the communications your clients will receive from Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska

    Open Enrollment Resources Available Now | 10/12/2023

    Individual and family plan resources to help you prepare for the 2024 open enrollment period

    2024 Individual and Family Plans Preview | 9/14/2023

    What to know about our plan and rate filing for 2024

    Producer Portal: Making it Easier for You to do Business | 6/7/2023

    Read our quick refresher on why you should sign in today
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  • Group market

    Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program Recommends 2024 Vaccines Rates | 11/8/2023

    The Alaska Department of Health accepts the 2024 recommended rates from The Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program

    2024 Small Group and Preferred Choice Benefit Highlights Available | 10/12/2023

    Visit to view the small group and preferred choice benefit highlights

    2024 Group Documents Available Now | 10/12/2023

    Everything you need can be found in the secure producer portal

    Did You Miss the 2024 Product Launch? Watch the Recording | 10/12/2023

    The recording of the 2024 Product Launch is now available on the secure producer portal
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  • Large group

    The Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska Approach to Gene and Cell Therapy | 11/9/2023

    Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska is making it possible for self-funded employers to provide these life-changing therapies without exorbitant costs

    Preferred Choice 2024 Benefit Highlights Are Available | 9/14/2023

    We make it easy for you to help your clients move forward with their new or renewing Preferred Choice plan with benefit highlights

    2021 CAA Gag Clause Prohibition Compliance Attestation | 9/14/2023

    Important details on Premera Blue Cross / Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska will approach the requirement ahead of the December 31, 2023, due date

    Take Advantage of the Early Bird Discount | 8/10/2023

    Fully insured and OptiFlex large groups can save by completing renewals early
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  • Small group

    Rapid Rate is Ready for Use | 10/12/2023

    For producers supporting small group business, Rapid Rate is now ready

    Producer Commission Increase in 2024 | 9/14/2023

    Producers selling small group business will see a commission increase on medical enrollment on January 1, 2024

    2024 Small Group Benefit Highlights Available September 15 | 9/14/2023

    We make it easy for you to help your clients move forward with their new or renewing small group plan with benefit highlights

    If Group Size Changes, Submit Attestation Form | 8/10/2023

    The Group Size Certification form needs to be submitted if the group size changes
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  • Pharmacy

    Update to Preventive Services Drug Coverage | 10/12/2023

    Learn about age-specific ranges we’ll be applying to preventive prescription drugs

    Pharmacy MarketWatch | 10/12/2023

    A closer look at pharmacy cost trends

    Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Name Change | 4/12/2022

    New name, same patient-first service

    Our Preventive Drug List is Changing | 11/10/2021

    Your clients will be notified about this change soon

    New Pharmacy Prior Authorizations Going Live on July 1, 2021 | 5/11/2021

    A drug, Soolantra, will soon require prior authorization
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  • Medicare

    Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue Eligibility for Alaska | 5/10/2023

    New regulatory order ensures low- and moderate-income seniors have access to Medicare Supplement plans

    Inflation Reduction Act Improves Coverage of Recommended Vaccines And Insulins | 3/9/2023

    Important changes to insulin and vaccine costs from the Inflation Reduction Act

    2023 Medicare Supplement Rates Approved | 2/9/2023

    Sales resources are now available for Medicare Supplement

    2023 Enrollment Tool is Available | 1/12/2023

    A reminder for those using our online enrollment tool to sell Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans
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