Individual Plans No Longer Using eviCore Healthcare

  • February 6, 2020

    While many of Premera’s plans require authorizations for outpatient rehab services to be reviewed by our vendor eviCore Healthcare for prior authorization, our individual plans no longer require it as of January 1, 2020. Additionally, individual plans won’t require an authorization for outpatient rehab services until dates of service on or after February 21, 2020. You can submit a prior authorization request now for services scheduled on or after February 21, 2020.

    There are two ways you can submit a prior authorization for outpatient rehabilitation services for a patient with an Individual plan starting February 21, 2020:

    1. Submit a request using our new online submission tool, Identifi, located on our new Individual plans secure site for dates of service February 21, 2020 and after. Read our step-by-step user guide on how to use Identifi.
    2. You can also fax a prior authorization request using this form to 888-302-9325.

    You can also read our Individual plan training guide to learn more about prior authorization requirements for our 2020 Individual plans.

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