Update Provider Information

  • Your go-to resource for updating your provider information and directory listing.

    Update with BetterDoctor

    Premera uses Quest Analytics’ BetterDoctor to verify your provider directory information. BetterDoctor will reach out to you quarterly to confirm or update your information. You must complete a quarterly review to remain listed in our provider directory.

    How it works

    • BetterDoctor will contact you quarterly via fax, mail, or phone. Their outreach will have Premera listed as a participating health plan. 
    • You’ll visit betterdoctor/validate and enter the access code given to you by BetterDoctor.
    • Review the prefilled information shown and approve or correct it. When you’re done, click submit and BetterDoctor will send your verified information to us. 
    • BetterDoctor verifies information for specific locations and providers. You may receive multiple verification requests. Access codes are specific to the providers and locations listed on each communication.
    • If you’re a group of 20 or more, you can register to submit your information through a streamlined large group and health system roster process. ( Note: Use your official USPS standard address when submitting rosters to ensure your information is captured.)
    • Need help? Contact support@BetterDoctor.com for assistance.

    Directory removal and reinstatement

    The No Surprises Act requires Premera to verify provider information every 90 days and keep our online directory accurate and up to date.

    If it’s been more than 180 days since your last attestation, you’ll be removed/suppressed from our directory. Our members won’t see you when using the online Find a Doctor tool.

    We want our members to have access to great providers like you. If you’ve been removed, contact BetterDoctor to verify your information and restore your listing. Once your data is verified, your listing will be restored within 2 business days of submittal.

    Update with Premera

    You can update your information with Premera by using our provider update form.

    How it works

    • Fill out the PDF form with the appropriate information you need to update.
    • Email the completed form to physician and provider relations.
    • The provider update form is the only way to add a new location to a group, add a new provider to a location, or change your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). You can’t change this information through BetterDoctor.
    • Remember to always include your TIN on the form.
    • When you submit this form, your update will be reflected for Premera and our suite of plans.
    • This form is not a substitute for BetterDoctor verification. You’ll still be required to verify provider information with BetterDoctor to remain in the provider directory.

    Update your NPPES profile

    You’re legally required to keep your CMS National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) profile current. This data is used by BetterDoctor and other verification services. Visit the NPPES site today to update your profile.