Understanding Provider Directory Requirements for the No Surprises Act

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    Published November 4, 2021

    The Federal No Surprises Act is taking effect January 1, 2022, bringing new requirements for health plans and providers regarding provider directory information. While full guidance from the government is forthcoming, we’re now using a good faith approach to put processes and procedures in place to maintain an accurate and up-to-date online directory. 

    Here’s a brief overview to help you understand and prepare for the provider directory requirements in the No Surprises Act. 

    90-Day Rule

    Premera is required to verify the accuracy of your provider or facility information in our directory at least every 90 days. We’ll ask to verify your data—name, address, specialty, telephone number, and digital contact—through attestations and change submissions every 90 days. 

    If your provider data can’t be verified 180 days after the last verification date, we’ll remove you in our online provider directory. Once the data is verified, you’ll be added back into the directory. 

    All directory changes will occur within 2 business days of submittal. 

    Verification with Better Doctor

    To streamline the verification process for you, we’ll be moving to the BetterDoctor online portal from Quest Analytics. You’ll be receiving more information from Quest Analytics/BetterDoctor in the next few weeks, with verification through BetterDoctor beginning before the end of 2021. 

    If you haven’t received information from Quest Analytics/BetterDoctor and you’d like to update your provider directory information now, you can email us a completed provider update form

    Learn More

    We’ll be continuing to communicate about the No Surprises Act in future issues of Provider News. If you’re looking more information, the following resources are available to you now: 

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