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  • General

    New Design for Premera Employer News | 12/18/2023

    Visit and bookmark our new page to find the latest updates and exciting new changes

    Stay Healthy this Season | 11/16/2023

    One of the best ways to protect your health is to stay up to date with your vaccinations—whether you’re protecting yourself from the flu, COVID-19, or RSV

    Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program Recommends 2024 Vaccine Rates | 11/16/2023

    The Alaska Department of Health accepts the 2024 recommended rates from The Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program

    Network Update | 11/16/2023

    We will keep you informed as negotiations continue so you are aware of our progress

    5 things to know about COVID, flu, and RSV | 10/19/2023

    With COVID, the flu, and RSV having similar symptoms, it can be difficult to know if you should get a test, quarantine, or just take it easy. Here are 10 things to know that will help your employees navigate their symptoms
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  • Large Group

    The Premera Approach to Gene and Cell Therapy | 11/16/2023

    Premera is making it possible for self-funded employers to provide these life-changing therapies without exorbitant costs

    Take Advantage of the Early Bird Discount | 8/21/2023

    Fully insured and OptiFlex large groups can save by completing renewals early

    The Early Bird Gets the Discount | 7/18/2023

    If you have a fully insured or OptiFlex plan, you may be eligible for an early bird discount at renewal

    No Surprises Act - Independent Dispute Resolution | 1/19/2023

    Beginning March 1, 2023, arbitration fees will be passed on to self-funded and OptiFlex groups
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  • Small Group

    2020 Premium Rebates for Small Groups | 9/23/2021

    If you purchased a Premera small group health plan in 2020, you may receive a premium rebate

    Pro Tip: Keep These Contacts Handy | 8/24/2021

    Because we want you to have the best possible experience, we would like to remind you of these important contacts

    Reminder: Important Date Approaching for CYC HSAs | 6/11/2021

    The last date members can consolidate their accounts and have the transfer fee or monthly service fees waived is June 30, 2021

    Important Upcoming Dates for ConnectYourCare HSAs | 2/15/2021

    Keep March 1 and June 30 in mind while CYC transitions to serve as both the administrator and custodian of your HSA.
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  • Pharmacy

    Update to Preventive Services Drug Coverage | 10/19/2023

    Learn about age-specific ranges we’ll be applying to preventive prescription drugs

    Pharmacy MarketWatch | 10/19/2023

    We are implementing new programs and modular formulary options that will continue to save our members money and reduce pharmacy spend

    The Buzz Around GLP-1 Medications | 8/21/2023

    GLP-1 brand name medications like Wegovy and Ozempic are impacting drug trends and pharmacy benefits

    Introducing Rx Savings Solutions | 7/18/2023

    Rx Savings Solutions offers members personalized alerts regarding saving opportunities on their prescriptions

    Prescription data submitted to CMS | 6/15/2023

    Premera successfully submitted prescription drug data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)
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