Coding Resources

  • Here you’ll find some helpful coding resources to make coding easier.

    Coding tip sheets and web tutorials

    Premera’s suite of 15+ coding tip sheets guide the user while coding specific chronic or complex conditions and other particularly tricky coding scenarios, such as coding cancers as historic vs. active, coding immunodeficiency vs. immune disorders, and coding coagulation therapy vs. defects.

    In addition, several brief coding web tutorials are intended for clinician and coder audiences, and were developed with busy clinicians in mind. Our virtual care guides help identify how to capture and document physical exam findings during a telehealth visit.

    For more information on virtual care or diagnostic coding, reach out to

    User guide

    Claims editor/What If tool user guide: Test professional billing scenarios and code combinations with our claims editing software that displays specific coding rationale.

    Online secure tool

    Claims editor/What If Tool (requires OneHealthPort log in)

    Lists for denial edit codes

    If you see a denial edit code on your Explanation of Payment (EOP), you can refer to our professional or facility lists of denial edit codes for details. Each list defines professional and facility claims edits on processed claims. These edits often result in reimbursement denial. Learning about the denial edit codes can help avoid future denials.

    Payment policies

    You can search for a specific payment policy or see the latest payment policy updates.
    Note: Our payment policies are on a secure website and require a OneHealthPort log-in.