Premera and MultiCare Collaboration Expands for 2020

  • November 21, 2019

    Premera Blue Cross and MultiCare will expand Peak Care into Thurston and Spokane counties for 2020. Peak Care is a health plan that launched in 2019 and is currently offered in Pierce County. It uses our Tahoma provider network and for our 2020 plans, the network will include:

    • MultiCare Connected Care Clinically Integrated Network
    • MultiCare Health System
    • Capital Medical Center
    • Partnership with Physicians of Southwest Washington’s select network
    • Essential Community Providers
    • Chiropractic, naturopathic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and behavioral health

    What does this mean for members?

    As an EPO network, members must seek care within the network. Members who receive care outside of the Tahoma network may have to pay the full cost of care – except for medical emergencies. If you’re a Tahoma network provider, you can get more information on our Peak Care page.

    How will you know a patient is a Peak Care member?

    Check the member ID card. The card has Peak Care as the medical plan and Tahoma as the network. The MultiCare Connected Care logo will also be on the card in addition to the Premera Blue Cross logo.

    If you have questions about Peak Care, contact Provider Customer Service at 800-722-4714.

    For Premera member eligibility, go to the Provider page.

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