Common Mistake: Coding Cancer as Active When It’s Not

  • November 1, 2018

    During medical record audits, one of the most common coding errors identified is cancer diagnoses. Diagnosing and treating patients with cancers is a very complicated process. Documenting and coding these conditions is also complex.

    These are common questions that providers have regarding cancer documentation and coding:

    • When should I switch from coding my patient as having active cancer to a personal history of cancer?
    • Should cancer always be coded as historical if it’s surgically removed?
    • What diagnosis codes would I use for patient with a bilateral mastectomy and is on Tamoxifen?

    Learn how to avoid common documentation and coding errors by understanding when to document a cancer as active versus historical. Misinterpreted documentation often leads to submission of incorrect cancer codes. These diagnoses become part of your patients’ permanent diagnostic records.

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