Premera Team Reunites Member with Family

  • March 18, 2021

    Premera is proud of the work our employees do to support our members. A recent example shows how we worked with our network of providers to help a member and her family.

    It was a Friday night when a Premera team decided to go the extra mile for one of our members. A terminally ill Alaska member—a mother of three—was in Seattle after being airlifted for a blood transfusion and wanted to return to Alaska to live out her final days with her children.

    As soon as they heard this news, customer service team members Sirissa Greger, Tracy Dobbs, and Deyna Weaver, began working to see how Premera could help. Tracy contacted the member's brother to let him know that we’d do everything we could to get her back home. "I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, and this family reminded me that every single call, every word, and every effort matters so much to our members," Tracy said.   

    A turn of events

    In a coordinated effort with the provider and a Seattle hospital, the team worked for hours creating a plan and approving paperwork. When challenges or changes arose, the team sprang into action to come up with a different plan. They worked with the hospital to find a medevac company that was able to get our member home early Saturday morning.

    Tracy contacted the member's brother on Saturday morning to let him know his sister was coming home. On Saturday evening, our member made it home safely to be with her family for her final days.

    Looking back

    "In that moment, I put myself in our customer's position and did what I would want someone to do for me, especially having young children," Deyna said.

    "I will remember this for as long as I live, as this was a moment that we were able to partner with our provider community to make healthcare work better and made a difference in this member's life," Sirissa said. "Her children got to hug their mom a few more times, and I will take that with me forever."

    Sadly, our member passed away a few days after returning home. But because of many people, she was able to spend her last few days with her family.

    Premera has an incredible team that partners closely with providers when members need extra support. Read more  about the personal health support program we offer to Premera members.

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