Submit Credentialing Only Through OHP

  • February 1, 2018

    Beginning June 1, 2018, practitioner credentialing applications can only be submitted through OneHealthPort (OHP)'s ProviderSource tool. This is because of a change in Washington state law (Washington House Bill 2335). Premera currently uses the ProviderSource tool, so this won’t be a change for most providers.

    What's changed?

    Previously, providers could submit credentialing applications through OHP ProviderSource or directly to Premera.

    Also beginning June 1, the law requires Premera to approve or deny a complete credentialing application no later than 90 days after receipt. This requirement changes to 60 days on June 1, 2020. A complete application is one that is not missing any information.

    About OneHealthPort

    OneHealthPort was created by and for the local healthcare community, and solves information and workflow problems shared across healthcare organizations. With OHP's Single Sign-On, healthcare professionals have a single, easy, and secure way to access provider portals of major local health plans and hospitals. To find out more about obtaining an OHP log-in, ask your practice manager.

    Learn more about credentialing and contracting through Premera

    Visit our Join Our Network page for credentialing forms and a credentialing checklist. If you're new to working with health plans, visit our Learning Center for our web-based orientation trainings, and watch them at your convenience.

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