Premera Transitions to Availity Secure Portal

  • November 18, 2021

    Dental providers can now access Availity to check eligibility and benefits and more for Premera members. 

    Availity is a nationwide, multi-payer, secure portal that helps providers and health plans share information efficiently. Providers benefit by having a single source of tools for multiple health plans, removing the guess work of learning a wide range of health plan platforms. 

    Providers will have access to the following through Availity: 

    Availity Tool Description
    Eligibility and Benefits

    New member search feature allows you to search using only a member’s plan ID number. Results will include all members associated with that member ID. If you don’t have a member’s ID, you can search by the member’s first name, last name, and DOB.


    View tooth history information from the Services History button of the eligibility and benefits results when Premera Dental is selected as a payer.

    Claim Submission Claim submission for medical, dental (includes predeterminations), and facility. Express Entry makes adding provider information fast and error free. You don’t have to use Availity as a clearinghouse to use this feature.  
    Claim Status View the status for a medical, dental, and/or facility claim. Color-coded patient cards show you the status of a patient’s claim. You can search by claim number and or all claims within a specific date range.    
    Remittance Viewer Premera EOPs are available from the Check/EFT tab. Select the EOP/EOB icon under the Actions menu to download a PDF. You must use a Premera plan (not Premera Dental) as a payer to view Premera plan check information.  


    Premera Provider Websites Remain
    Providers will still need to use Premera’s secure provider portal for some transactions not yet available on Availity, such as prior authorization, claims editor, and payment policies. 

    Links to access those tools, as well as all resources on Premera’s existing secure and public provider websites, are available on Availity’s payer space landing pages for a seamless online experience. 

    Once all our secure tools are transitioned to Availity, Premera’s secure provider portal will be retired.

    For More Information
    If you’re not yet registered with Availity, watch a 30-minute introductory webinar.

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