Provider Networks

  • We believe a network is more than just a collection of contracts. We collaborate with providers to build long-lasting relationships. As a result, we offer greater network stability and deep discounts for covered in-network services.

    In-network coverage in Washington and beyond

    As part of our service to members, we negotiate with preferred providers to set fees for covered services which are often much lower than the provider's normal rate for the same service - up to 50% lower.

    Premera's two provider networks - Foundation and Heritage - are made up of more than 24,000 private hospitals, doctors and other providers across Washington State, and include extensive networks in Alaska and Oregon.

    National and worldwide network coverage with BlueCard™

    The BlueCard Program provides access to networks of contracted preferred and participating Blue Cross Blue Shield providers across the country. Just like here at home, these networks provide valuable discounts on billed charges and the added advantage of direct billing.

    The BlueCard Program includes the added benefit of worldwide coverage with Blue Cross Global Core. This program provides members access to an international network of participating doctors and hospitals for a broad range of medical care services so they can feel safe wherever they go.