Secure Employer Website Guides

  • The secure employer website makes plan administration easier, simpler, and faster. Feedback from employers like you helped to make the user experience better. Access to the secure employer website is managed by your company's group administrator. If you need access, please contact your group administrator.

    Site updates

    If you have access to Insight Reporter, you can use your current login and password to reach reports, unless your group administrator changes your permissions.

    About the site

    The role of group administrator is assigned to a company's primary contact.

    Group administrators can easily and quickly manage who gets access to the secure website and what they can see or do.

    This role-based access is a self-service function that group administrators control without the need for Premera to be involved. It eliminates the PIN system for user registration.

    The secure employer website puts common tasks at your fingertips. See below for some of the things you can do on the dashboard.

    Search by member: Confirm employee eligibility and coverage and print or order ID cards.

    Active members: See how many employees and their family members are enrolled in your plan and quickly get a detailed report.

    Coverage start date: Use this widget to determine a new employee's first date of coverage.

    Employer Resources: Check out these tips to get the most out of your health plan.

    Enrollment Center: If you use Enrollment Center, you'll see a link that will take you directly to  Premera's Enrollment Center.

    Once you are logged in to the secure website, you won't need to log in to additional tools because single sign on (SSO) has been enabled. If you have been assigned permission by your group administrator, you can use SSO to reach:

    • ConnectYourCare
    • Online bill payer
    • Insight Reporter

    Login issues

    If you're receiving an error message while logging in to your account, please try one of the following:

    • Clear your browser cookies, close the browser, and try again.
    • Log in using a Chrome incognito page.
    • Log in using an Internet Explorer InPrivate browsing page.

    For locked accounts, reset your password.

    How-to guides

    Use these easy-to-follow tips to help you navigate the secure employer website.