ConnectYourCare Is Part of Optum Financial

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    Published October 19, 2021

    For clients with a personal funding account administered by ConnectYourCare.

    As we let you know in a previous communication, ConnectYourCare (CYC) is now a part of Optum Financial. These two entities are coming together to combine expertise in health finances. Their goal is to create an enhanced customer experience that offers both value and choice as well as a deeper connection between health and finances.

    What’s coming in November 2021 and what you need to know:

    • No action is necessary by participants. Existing participants can continue to use their health-care payment card and access their account online or on the Optum Financial mobile app
    • There will be no impact to payment cards if there is one associated with an account.  
    • Existing participants will continue to use the same customer service number on their payment card and on account materials.  
    • Beginning this fall, existing participants will start to see the Optum Financial brand on account communications, educational materials, checks/direct deposits, forms, and the online portal.
    • If an existing participant has a health savings account (HSA)—they will be receiving an addendum to their HSA Terms & Conditions in late November.
    • New groups and new participants after November 22, 2021, will be set up on the Optum Financial experience.

    How will existing participants be notified?

    ConnectYourCare will be sending out a member notification to existing participants by the second week of November to notify them of the change.

    Where can participants get more information?
    Please visit to view additional information about the transition or contact your account management team.


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