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    Published September 9, 2019

    For producers who sell individual and family plans

    For more than six decades, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska has been proud to serve Alaskans in their communities. As 2020 approaches, we remain committed to the individual market and making healthcare work better.

    We’ve been here and plan to stay

    Through the individual market uncertainty over the past several years, we stayed on course. As a result of our ongoing participation in the federal exchange, we’ve helped to create a more stable marketplace for your clients today.

    We also are investing in Alaska communities to increase access to care and behavioral health services. Last year, Premera invested over $1.5 million in grants to Covenant House Alaska, Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Abused Women’s Aid, Anchorage Project Access, My House, and NAMI Alaska.

    We also remain committed to you, the producers who help our shared customers find the right health plan for their needs. For 2020, commission rates will continue at the same level as this year for new and renewing individual business.

    Individual plans 2020


    Premera is taking a rate pass for 2020, meaning the overall rate difference among all metallic plans averages to zero percent. Some of your clients will see a slight rate decrease, while other clients may see an increase of only a few percentage points. This does not take into account the final rate your client will pay after a premium tax credit is applied. Subsidy amounts can vary significantly.

    Medical plans

    We are renewing all current metallic plans in 2020, and we’ll have plan options on and off the federal exchange.

    In addition to the 10 essential health benefits, most of our health plans feature:

    • First two visits with a designated primary care provider are covered in full
    • $15 copay for telehealth services, including consultations with a doctor by phone or video
    • Low copay and no deductible for preferred generic drugs on gold and silver plans

    Our medical plans also include medical transportation benefits—and the support of medical travel experts. This program simplifies the medical travel experience for Alaskans who must to travel to get the care they need.

    Dental benefits

    Our health plans continue to be designed to help support the overall health of your clients. Pediatric dental benefits will remain embedded on all metallic plans. Adult dental benefits will continue to be embedded on all non-HSA metallic plans.

    Provider networks

    The Premera provider network name for 2020 individual plans combines both the medical and dental networks and is called Legacy and Dental Select.

    In the Find a Doctor tool for 2020, you and your clients can search for providers as follows:

    • Legacy and Dental Select: For both medical and dental providers
    • Legacy: For medical providers only
    • Dental Select: For dental providers only

    Next steps

    Prior to the start of open enrollment, we’ll make it easy for you to understand our individual plans and prepare you to support your clients in finding the best plan for their needs.

    • We’ll post an educational webinar and other resources on our producer web pages in mid-September.
    • We’ll keep you up to date on the latest news about the webinar and other important information with Producer News.
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