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    Lower-cost options available for kit and combination pack prescriptions

    Kits and combination packs are a new trend in the pharmacy industry, and Premera is keeping a watchful eye on how your clients can save money.

    Find out how

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    Preventive Cancer Screenings for Early Detection | 6/22/2017

    Premera is contacting your clients about important preventive cancer screenings.
    Lower-Cost Options Available for Kit and Combination Pack Prescriptions

    Lower-Cost Options Available for Kit and Combination Pack Prescriptions | 6/22/2017

    Kits and combination packs are a new trend in the pharmacy industry, and Premera is keeping a watchful eye on how your clients can save money.

    Video: Focusing on Cost and Customer Experience | 6/12/2017

    One of the great mysteries in health care is how much things cost. Hear how Premera is unraveling that mystery for our customers.

    Producers Provide Feedback on Communication Tools. Add Your Comments! | 5/25/2017

    In April, we asked for your feedback about the communication tools we provide and the resources you’d like to have. Here’s what we heard.
  • Individual market

    Retention Tool: Help Your Clients Save Time and Money | 6/22/2017

    Use this copy-and-share message to help your clients with Premera health plans make the best decisions when choosing care options.

    Can You Help Your Premera Clients Create an Online Account? | 6/22/2017

    See what we’re telling members about why they should set up an online account – and why it’s also good for you.

    Everett Clinic Acquires Totem Lake | 5/11/2017

    In April, Totem Lake Family Medicine joined The Everett Clinic Integrated Care Network. Here’s how we kept customers informed.

    Cowlitz County Members Undercharged | 5/11/2017

    On April 28, 2017, we sent letters to customers in Cowlitz County who were incorrectly undercharged for 2017 health plans due to an internal error.
  • Group market

    New Maternity Program Begins July 1

    New Maternity Program Begins July 1 | 6/9/2017

    Find out how BestBeginnings Maternity supports your clients.
    Medicare Part D Testing Options for Employers

    Medicare Part D Testing Options for Employers | 6/8/2017

    Learn about the 2 options Premera offers employers to support their Medicare Part D testing obligations.

    The Vine Cultivates Good Health | 5/11/2017

    Premera Blue Cross is helping to take care of your fully insured groups by promoting self-care and good health through a newsletter to employees.

    Get to Know B’link in 16 Minutes with New Training | 5/11/2017

    Learn about Premera's new online resource center for employers – and how you can use it to support your clients – by viewing a 20-minute recorded webinar at your convenience.
  • Large Group

    New Wellness Program Benefits Employees, Employers, Producers | 6/22/2017

    Starting July 1, 2017, Premera offers an embedded Wellness Program with every medical plan for new and renewing large groups. Find out why it matters.

    Free Wellness Workshop for Your Premera Group Clients | 6/8/2017

    Invite your Premera group customers to learn how to help their employees be active and healthier.
  • Small group

    New Pay-As-Billed Approach Begins July 1 | 6/22/2017

    Groups are asked to pay invoices in full as billed by the first of the month. Find out why.

    Making It Simple: Dual Choice Matrix | 1/27/2017

    Your small group clients with 6 to 50 employees enrolled in a Premera health plan can now choose to offer two medical plans.

    2017 Creditable Coverage Status Report Now Available | 1/27/2017

    Premera has determined 2017 small group creditable coverage status for prescription drug coverage according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) guidelines.

    Onboarding Is Now Digital | 1/27/2017

    Beginning in December 2016, plan administrators for small groups started receiving onboarding details via email.
  • Medicare

    New Underwriting Rules Start August 1, 2017 | 4/27/2017

    In order to align with the market and help us curb rate increases, we are making a change to our underwriting rules.

    Medicare Supplement Enrollment Processing in 24 Hours | 3/23/2017

    Find out how we’re making the enrollment experience better for members.

    Preparing for 2020 – Implications for Plan F | 2/23/2017

    Following the passage of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), we will no longer sell Plan F to new clients.

    Medicare Supplement Plan Spotlight: Plan A | 1/27/2017

    Find out why Plan A could be a good choice for some of your Medicare Supplement clients.