Health Support Programs

  • Collaborative programs that support the patient-doctor relationship

    Health Support Programs help members take a more active role in managing their overall health and enable us to assist physicians in providing the highest quality care. To facilitate patient-provider healthcare decisions, Premera acts as a resource to support those decisions with information and data.

  • Care Management covers everything from providing assistance with hospital discharge planning to coordinating care on complex medical cases. We strive to ensure that members get care in the most appropriate setting.

    Premera's Disease Management program is dedicated to improving the quality of life for members who have chronic conditions, including diabetes, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and asthma.

    The program helps members take a central role in managing their care and fosters responsibility for their own health. Our focus is on identifying conditions as early as possible to slow or prevent their progression.


    Premera members eligible for these programs are identified through claims analysis, doctor referral or self-referral. This program is completely voluntary and complies with all federal and state regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


    Disease Management services include:

    • Helping members learn how to effectively manage their condition through educational materials and self-management tools and strategies
    • Providing members with information regarding dietary recommendations, as well as preventive and prescribed test screenings
    • Supporting members with their medication usage and compliance

    Our Health Awareness Education Programs offer health and lifestyle resources and materials to members. We encourage and remind members to take actions that promote health and prevent disease.

    Program activities support healthy lifestyle choices, regular health assessments and early detection of disease.

    Health Awareness Education services include:

    • Distribution of preventive health guidelines for members of all ages
    • Educational information and friendly reminders for important preventive services
    • Helpful reminders and educational information provided by telephone

    A Proactive Approach to Improving Health

    Our Healthy Connections Health Risk Management program, offered through Vivacity*, a leading independent provider of wellness solutions, takes a proactive approach to helping members identify and reduce specific health risk factors, through healthier lifestyle choices. The program integrates data and services to address an individual’s specific risk factors, and is designed to increase productivity and improve overall quality of life.

    The Health Risk Management program can deliver significant, measurable benefits to both employers and employees: 

    Employers Employees
    • Reduced employee absenteeism and lost work time
    • Improved employee productivity
    • Increased employee job satisfaction and improved employee retention
    • Reduced costs related to preventable healthcare claims
    • Access to valuable, aggregated management data, trends and analysis reports
    • Improved vitality and sense of well being
    • Better overall health
    • Savings on out-of-pocket healthcare costs
    • Improved health maintenance
    • Enhanced quality of life

    Please note: A comprehensive Health Risk Management program is available for purchase, targeted to self-funded and non self-funded groups with 200 or more members. This program is designed to meet an array of employer requirements. Additionally, our online assessment is a built-in feature for members of all plan, and is available through the secure member area of this website.

    For more information about this innovative program, we invite you to explore this section or contact us.

    *Vivacity is a member of the Premera family of companies