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  • What’s new for 2019

    Start your new year off right with two guides: what’s new for 2019 and sales resources for you.

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  • General

    Form 1095 Tax Forms Available This Month | 1/7/2019

    Do your clients have questions about how to show proof of healthcare coverage? This guide has the answers.

    Update to Genetic Testing Review Process | 12/10/2018

    Prior approval for some genetic tests now includes counseling.

    In Washington’s Corner: New Ad Shows Premera Spirit | 12/10/2018

    Find out how Premera is focused on taking care of your clients and supporting local community.

    What You Need to Know About Washington State Senate Bill 6219 | 11/26/2018

    As your fully insured group and individual clients enroll or renew for January 1, 2019 coverage, be prepared to answer their questions about the Reproductive Healthcare Mandate.
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  • Individual market

    Remind Your Clients to Pay for 2019 Coverage | 1/7/2019

    Ensure your clients are ready for their 2019 plan to begin.
    2019 Member Welcome Experience

    2019 Member Welcome Experience | 12/10/2018

    Find out how we’re getting your clients off to a great start with their 2019 Premera individual plan.

    3 Actions You Can Take in 3 Minutes Before Open Enrollment Ends | 11/26/2018

    Get the attention of your customers who haven’t finalized their 2019 enrollment with these three easy social media actions.

    Producer Tip: Be a Billing and Payments Expert | 11/12/2018

    Based on your feedback, we developed a new resource to help you answer client questions about billing and payments.
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  • Group market

    Annual Reminder: Medicare Secondary Payer | 1/7/2019

    Yes, it’s complex, but we have resources you can share with your group clients.

    Two Quick Tips for the Secure Employer Website | 1/7/2019

    Do you support your group clients with account and billing information, enrollment updates, and reports? These tips will make your work easier.

    Digital Welcome Experience Expands | 1/7/2019

    Helping customers better understand and navigate their health plan is one way Premera is in your corner.
    What’s New for 2019

    What’s New for 2019 | 1/7/2019

    Start your new year off right with two guides: what’s new for 2019 and sales resources for you.
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  • Large Group

    OptiFlex Groups Now Have Premera Pulse

    OptiFlex Groups Now Have Premera Pulse | 1/7/2019

    This new interactive way for members to stay engaged with their health is now available for your OptiFlex groups.

    OptiFlex Groups Can Opt Out of Premera Pulse by December 12 | 11/26/2018

    Premera Pulse is launching on January 1 to OptiFlex groups. These groups will get an email notifying them of the ability to opt out. The deadline to opt out is December 12.

    Tell Your Group Clients About the Preferred Choice Discount | 11/26/2018

    For your group clients with 51-99 employees, they will get a discount on their Preferred Choice plan. Tell them with this new flyer.

    Resources for New or Renewing Preferred Choice Groups | 11/26/2018

    We made it easier for you to help your clients move forward with their new or renewing Preferred Choice plan once they have their quote or renewal packet.
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  • Small group

    Small Group Employers Can Offer More Options in 2019 | 12/10/2018

    Groups of 10 or more can now offer up to three plan options.

    Quarterly Wellness Tip #4: Stress Management | 11/13/2018

    The final quarterly wellness tip of 2018 is available to share with your small group clients.

    W2 Requirement for Groups With One Subscriber | 11/12/2018

    Help your new and renewing clients with only one enrolled subscriber understand what they are required to submit to Premera Blue Cross.

    2019 Formulary Changes for Metallic Plans | 10/22/2018

    Get an understanding of the upcoming changes to drug lists for your individual clients and how we are letting them know.
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  • Pharmacy

    Vitamin D Coverage Update | 12/10/2018

    Starting January 1, 2019, Vitamin D supplements will not be covered as preventive.

    Premera Helps Members Manage Medication Safely | 11/26/2018

    Premera promotes effective prescription drug use with the Enhanced Controlled Substance Utilization program.

    New: Pharmacy Articles in One Place | 11/26/2018

    Check out the new pharmacy category on our Producer News site and in our e-newsletter.

    Changes to Prior Authorization for Drugs | 11/12/2018

    Be informed about the latest medications that require review.
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  • Medicare

    Invite Your Clients to Member Orientations | 1/7/2019

    Reduce the calls you get by using this ready-to-send email template to encourage your clients to learn more about their 2019 Premera Medicare Advantage plan.

    We’re Contacting Your Medicare Supplement Clients | 12/10/2018

    Want to know about the 2019 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare cost shares? Read our customer letters.

    Home Test Kits Sent to Medicare Advantage Members | 12/10/2018

    As your clients receive at-home screening kits, be prepared to answer their questions.

    2019 Medicare Advantage Member Welcome Experience | 12/10/2018

    Find out how we’re getting your clients off to a great start with their 2019 Premera plan.
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