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    Updates to preventive services start June 1, 2018

    Find out what changes Premera is making to preventive benefits in your clients’ health plans.

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  • General

    Changes to Preferred Manufacturer for Diabetes Testing Products | 5/21/2018

    Starting July 2, 2018, we’re requiring all of our customers, with a few exceptions, to use LifeScan meters and test strips.
    Updates to Preventive Services Start June 1, 2018

    Updates to Preventive Services Start June 1, 2018 | 5/18/2018

    Find out what changes Premera is making to preventive benefits in your clients’ health plans.

    IRS Maintains $6,900 HSA Contribution Limits | 5/7/2018

    Review important updates to the IRS guidelines for high-deductible health savings account (HSA) contribution limits.

    Spread the Word About National Drug Take Back Day | 4/23/2018

    April 28 is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Let your customers know how they can participate.
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  • Individual market

    Webinar: New Products Provide Commission Opportunities | 5/9/2018

    Watch our new webinar to learn about the three insurance products from LifeSecure* that you can offer to your Premera clients.

    Prepare Your Clients for the Unexpected with LifeSecure | 4/23/2018

    Tell your clients about the value of pairing their Premera medial plan with personal accident or hospital recovery insurance.
    Start Earning Commissions on New Ancillary Products

    Start Earning Commissions on New Ancillary Products | 3/26/2018

    Find out how you can become appointed to sell guaranteed-issue Personal Accident and Hospital Recovery insurance to your individual clients.

    Producer Tip: What Happens After You Close a Special Enrollment Sale? | 2/26/2018

    Find out what your clients need to know about their special enrollment process.
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  • Group market

    Your Clients Save When They Bundle

    Your Clients Save When They Bundle | 5/7/2018

    Learn what savings are available to new and renewing group clients who get both Premera dental and medical plans.

    Link Your Clients to B’link | 4/23/2018

    Connect your clients with Premera B’link resources that makes it easy for them to communicate with their employees.

    Claims Invoice Date Changes for Self-Funded Groups | 4/9/2018

    Find out what you need to know about the claims invoice date changes for your self-funded group clients.

    Remind Your Clients: New Specialty Pharmacy Program Option | 3/26/2018

    As your client groups renew, remind them of the new specialty pharmacy option that maximizes their savings while delivering individualized patient care to their employees.

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  • Large Group

    Introducing HSA On Demand, Available July 1, 2018

    Introducing HSA On Demand, Available July 1, 2018 | 3/12/2018

    The new feature helps reduce the fear of high-deductible health plans.
    2018 Preferred Producer Program

    2018 Preferred Producer Program | 11/30/2017

    Grow your large group book of business in 2018 and increase your bonus earning potential.
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  • Small group

    Quarterly Wellness Tip #2: Reenergize Routines | 5/9/2018

    Remind your small group clients about the Wellness Program Employer Toolkit and Tip #2.

    Premera's Big Focus on Small Business | 5/7/2018

    New social campaign is designed to help producers grow their fully insured business.

    The Value of Designating a Primary Care Provider | 4/9/2018

    Remind your small group employers of the savings their employees get when they designate and get care from an in-network primary care provider.

    2018 Small Group Premera Wellness Program Employer Toolkit | 3/26/2018

    Check out the resources and tools available for your small group employers who have the 2018 Premera Wellness Program.

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  • Medicare

    Application Guidance for New Medicare Numbers | 4/23/2018

    Review two important details about adding your client’s new Medicare Number to their Premera Medicare Supplement application.

    Silver&Fit® Exercise and Healthy Aging Program Now Available | 4/9/2018

    Remind your Medicare Supplement clients about their new fitness program option, available at no additional cost.

    Producer Tip: Two Ways to Avoid Medicare Scams | 3/26/2018

    Reach out to your Medicare clients with reminders on how they can keep their personal information safe.

    New Medicare Cards Mail in April | 2/26/2018

    Review key dates, card changes, and reminders.
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