Introducing Explore My Benefits

  • Small Group News
    Published July 19, 2021

    For small groups with plan start dates of July 1, 2021

    Beginning this month, small group members with plan start dates of July 1, 2021, will be invited to explore their health plan benefits using a new digital tool, Explore My benefits.

    What is Explore My Benefits

    Explore My Benefits is an experience to ease member pain points around understanding their benefits and plan. Some members may see current information as overwhelming, so we are looking to create a simple, more intuitive experience with benefit information, where the customer can explore first, before having to sign in. We are bringing benefit or plan information (simplified topics and a frank tone) to the member based on how we see small-group members use their plans. The Explore My Benefits website will address initial information needs around members who use their plan for checkups and staying healthy, those who are planning a surgery or other major event, as well as members who manage a chronic health condition like diabetes. Each topic will include care options or other important things to know.


    Premera is always looking for ways to better serve our members.  We want to build bridges to connect members to what they need and want, all with the goal of making healthcare work better.

    How we are sharing the news

    Small group members with a plan start date of July 1, 2021, will be invited by email to check out the Explore My Benefits website this month.


    If you have additional questions about Explore My Benefits, feel free to reach out to your Premera representative or producer.

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