Pay Online and Pay by Phone

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Paying Your Bill

  • What is the electronic payment process?

    A service that allows groups to pay their bill online or by phone. You may do so via an electronic transaction using your checking or savings account.

    What methods can I use to pay my bill?

    You can make an electronic withdrawal from your checking or savings account, or by telephone.

    How will I access this service?

    You can access the service two ways, on the internet or by telephone.

    The internet service is available through the secure employer website. From there, go to either the Billing Management section or the Message Center. From there click on the Make Payment Now link in the payment section, and you will be sent to a Bank of America (BoA) hosted website.

    For the phone service, you can call your Premera Membership & Billing Representative (his or her name and number is on your bill), the general Membership and Billing desk at 866-358-2294, and be transferred to Bank of America (BOA) or you can call BOA directly at 866-396-0186.

    When I tried to make a payment over the phone, I received an error message that stated that the service was not available from my phone.

    That message indicates that the phone has been blocked from caller ID. Simply unblock your phone or use the internet.

    Who do I contact to find out about the service?

    Please call your Premera representative or your producer.

    Can I review my bill online in this application?

    No, you will not be able to see your bill online. You can only see (and pay) the amount due. However, if you have made previous payments, you will be able to see a payment history. You can view your current and past invoices online in the Billing Management section of the secure employer site.

    Do I need any special software to sign up for the electronic payment service?

    No special software is required to use the service. You will only need Web access or a phone.

    Is there a fee to use this service?

    No, the service is free.

    Do I need to enroll in order to pay a bill?

    Yes, you must register in order to use this free service. Once registered, you can make recurring and future dated payments and track payment history. For the phone payment service, enrollment is not necessary.

    After enrolling in the electronic payment service, when can I start paying the bill?

    The service is activated immediately after registration. 

    Where do I find my bank routing and account numbers needed to register for this service?

    The routing number is the nine-digit number found on the bottom left of your paper check. The bank account number is the string of numbers following the routing number.

    Do I need a password?

    Yes, the first time you use the service you will establish a login and password.

    What if I forget my password?

    For security reasons, you will need to set a new password. At the log-in page,  click on Forget your password? Then answer the challenge question you created during registration. You will then be sent a new password by e-mail.

    What if I forget the answer to my challenge question?

    You will need to reset  the security questions. Contact the service desk at 800-722-9780.

    How do I cancel my online payment?

    You can cancel the service by un-enrolling your account from the Change Profile page.

    Can I make partial payments?

    No. Only the full amount due can be paid and it must be in a single payment.

    Can I make future payments?

    Yes, you can schedule payments as far as 30 days in advance of the due dates for your current bill.

    Can I make recurring payments?

    Yes, you can set up recurring payments that will pull the amount due on the bill due date. This feature does not allow any date other than the date shown on the billing coupon.

    What if I set up a recurring payment and the bill amount changes?

    The full amount due is what will be sent each month on the due date.

    Can I change the date of a future dated payment?

    Yes. Simply go to the left side of the web page and click Payment History. You can view the pending payments from that screen and cancel a scheduled payment as needed. You can then enter a new payment with the desired date.

    When are payments posted?

    Payments made by 2 p.m. Pacific Time will be posted to your account the next day. Payments made after 2 p.m. will be posted within 48 hours.

    When is the money drawn from my bank account?

    The funds for the payment are debited from an account on the scheduled payment date.

    How will I know that a payment was successfully transmitted?

    You will receive a confirmation number at the end of a successful transaction. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail within one business day.

    How can I confirm that a payment has been made?

    After the payment date, you can check the status of the payment by looking in Payment History. If the status is “Complete,” then the payment has been sent to Premera. You can also check to see if the funds have been withdrawn from your bank account. (It can take up to 48 hours to credit to an account.)

    I checked the system for my bill amount, but none is showing. What is the problem?

    If no amount is due, a bill will not be generated and there will not be an amount displayed.

    If you receive the following error messages, please call Membership and Billing.

    • You have exceeded the maximum amount of attempts to access the system.
    • Payments cannot be made for this account at this time.
    • Payments cannot be made using this bank account at this time.

    Call the Premera Membership and Billing at 866-358-2294 for assistance.