Statewide Provider Network Coverage

  • Premera's Heritage network is the most comprehensive in Alaska, with more than 1,700 providers and 21 hospitals.

    Our providers have agreed to accept our allowable charges as payment in full-something other providers may not do. This arrangement helps members minimize their out of-pocket expenses. Heritage providers also bill us directly, so members don't have to worry about filing claims for reimbursement.

    Network options


    The HeritageSelect network functions similarly to a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network, but applies to hospitals only. Members receive the highest benefit levels when they use preferred hospitals and hospital-based chemical dependency facilities. For other professional services, such as doctor office visits, members may use any licensed provider for medically necessary care and receive benefits based on a constant level of allowable charges.


    The Heritage network functions more like a traditional PPO with a provider network that includes both physicians and hospitals. Members enjoy the highest benefit level for covered services when they use preferred Medical Doctors (MDs), Doctors of Osteopathy (DOs), Doctors of Podiatry Medicine (DPMs), hospitals and hospital-based chemical dependency facilities. If they seek care from an MD, DO, DPM or hospital outside the network, services are typically covered at a reduced benefit level.

    Provider directory

    We make it easy to identify which providers participate in our networks through our convenient Provider Directory .

    Nationwide network coverage

    Employees' health needs don't stop at the state line, and neither does our coverage. Our BlueCard® program delivers extra value by providing access to networks of contracted Preferred and Participating Blue Cross Blue Shield providers across the nation for members traveling or living outside a plan's service area. Just like at home, these networks provide valuable discounts on billed charges and the added advantage of direct billing.

    Worldwide benefits and networks

    When traveling overseas or living abroad, our members enjoy the added advantage of Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core®. It provides access to an international network of participating doctors and hospitals for a broad range of medical care services.