Members Can Review Year-to-Date Drug Expenses Online

  • Pharmacy News

    Pharmacy News
    Published October 21, 2019

    For Premera group and individual plans

    Each year, our pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts (ESI), emails Premera Blue Cross members to let them know they can access the current year’s out-of-pocket prescription drug costs on the ESI website.

    Please refer to the following table for information about this year’s member email from ESI.

    Question Answer
    When will ESI email members? November 11, 2020
    Who will receive the email? The email will be sent to Premera members who have registered for an online account on the ESI website and have prescription claims in 2019.
    What information will the email provide? The email will inform members they can access prescription drug information, such as 2019 out-of-pocket prescription expenses, by logging in to their account on the ESI website.

    Action to take

    Familiarize yourself with the key information about this member email from ESI. If your clients have specific questions, please have them call the ESI phone number provided in the email.

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