Agency Benefits Officers

  • We're more than just a health plan

    The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal Employee Program (FEP) is your trusted partner, delivering no-cost services and programs to your employees with a focus on total health and wellness.

    You can count on us to support your employees at every stage of employment, with comprehensive services from preventive care to disease management.

    Our Service Benefit plans give your employees:

    • Best-in-class customer service
    • Zero-cost preventive care
    • 24-hour care through virtual care programs
    • Pharmacy benefits

    Wherever you go, we can be there.

    Virtual events

    Washington residents

    Your local Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) representatives host events throughout the year. Don’t miss the chance to ask your questions!

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    FEHB retirement

    Washington residents

    Your local FEHB carriers host in-person FEHB and Medicare presentations for federal employees nearing (or already in) retirement.

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    New employees

    Alaska residents

    Your Alaska FEHB carriers offer monthly webinars for new employees.

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    Alaska residents

    Your Alaska FEHB carriers provide monthly webinars for employees nearing or already in retirement.

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    What BLUE can do for you.

    To guide your employees in understanding the benefits of their plan, we offer a variety of onsite events.

    New hire orientation
    We’ll set up meetings or presentations for new employees to educate them on our plans so they can choose the right one to meet their needs.

    Open Season events
    We’re available to provide onsite support during the annual Open Season to help answer questions and provide counsel so your employees can get the most value from their benefits.

    Service visits
    Service visits are beneficial any time of year and provide the opportunity for your employees to receive guidance and support in navigating their health plan.

    Wellness and resource events
    We’re available to share information with your employees about the different wellness programs and discounts available to them. We can also cater these events to cover specific topics like mental health, safety tips, nutrition, and more.

    Pre-retirement seminars
    We’ll work with you to inform employees about benefit planning prior to retirement, so there are no surprises later.