Health and Wellness Programs

  • Healthier employees often lead to better bottom lines.

    Premera’s rich variety of programs and services are designed to maintain and improve employee health, lower costs, and reward people for doing the right thing.

  • It's easy for small groups on Metallic plans to launch a successful wellness program. This toolkit has everything you need to explain your wellness program to your employees and get them excited about living healthier.

    Tools for launching a successful program

    Tools to promote the wellness program to your employees





    We offer a rich variety of programs and services designed to maintain and improve the health and wellness of your workforce.

    Integrated Health Management offers a number of programs that enable members to take a more active role in managing their health and wellness. From Care Management and Pharmacy Services to Disease Management, we facilitate better patient-provider interactions. And as a result, the best care possible.

    Managing employee healthcare costs really can begin at the workplace. Vivacity wellness programs create engaging cultures of health that help employers gain control over ever-increasing healthcare costs and improve productivity.

    More information about our Health and Wellness programs is available by contacting your Premera Sales representative.

    Western Washington 800-722-5561, option 1, ext. 85064
    Eastern Washington 800-722-5561, option 1, ext. 27324

    Vivacity is an independent company providing health coaching and wellness programs to Premera Blue Cross employer groups and members.

  • More and more employers have learned that investing in a wellness program can significantly reduce health-related costs. Healthy employees tend to report higher job satisfaction and demonstrate increased job productivity.

    These resources allow employers to share free health information and provide access to tools and services that help employees make the best health decisions.

  • Members can take a Health Assessment to evaluate their individual health risks and receive personalized suggestions for how to improve their health and wellness. When they finish the assessment, they’ll find out their “Health Age” and what behaviors and lifestyle choices make them older (or younger!) than they actually are.

    For group members, the Health Assessment is one of two wellness activities — along with biometric screening — that must be completed to earn their wellness program reward.

    To access the Health Assessment, members login to the secure member website and go to:

    • Stay Healthy
    • Wellness Tools
    • Start Wellness Tools
    • Health Assessment

    Managing employee healthcare costs can begin at the workplace. Vivacity workforce wellness programs create cultures of health to help employers gain control over healthcare costs and improve productivity.

    Vivacity's Products and Services

    For groups with 1 - 499 employees:

    • Health Screenings

    For groups with 500+ employees:

    • Custom Wellness Program and Culture of Health Design
    • Organizational Assessment
    • Key Informant Interviews
    • Focus Groups
    • Employee Perception Survey
    • Advanced Analytics Services
    • Program Implementation
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Incentive Design, Management and Fulfillment
    • Benefits design, incentive checks, pre-paid debit cards
    • Integrated Health Management
    • Communication Campaigns
    • Health Management website
    • Health Coaching
    • Health Screenings
    • Tobacco Cessation
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Lunch & Learns/Webinars

    Let's talk about how Vivacity can help you achieve your wellness goals:

    Call us today at 877-276-9953

    Or visit us at:

    Integrated Health Management offers programs that let members be more active in managing their health and wellness. We create better patient-provider interactions through:

    • Care Management
    • Pharmacy Services
    • Disease Management
    • Health Risk Management

    With Integrated Health Management, we make the best care possible.

    Preventive Health

    When members log in to our secure member website they can find specific information about their plan’s suggested preventive routine exams, immunizations and screenings.

    Premera plans offer coverage for screenings such as:

    • Well-baby and newborn exams
    • Routine physicals (for school, sports, work)
    • Women's and men's annual exams
    • Mammography exams
    • Preventive immunizations (includes HPV vaccine)
    • Cervical (PAP), prostate (PSA), and colorectal (colonoscopy) cancer screenings
    • Infectious disease screenings
    • Metabolic, nutrition and endocrine screenings
    • Heart and vascular disease screenings
    • Musculoskeletal disorder screenings

    Non-preventive services (such as diagnostic services to evaluate signs, symptoms, or family history) are not covered in full, and members may be responsible for part of the costs.

    Other Health Resources

    Evidence shows maintaining good dental health plays an important role in your overall health.

    Learn more about your prescription cost, coverage and safety.

    Members save money...

    ...with special discount offers for Premera Blue Cross members.

    • No extra fees!
    • Make purchases in person, over the phone, or online with your health plan ID card
    • Available to most members of Premera Blue Cross

    Members enjoy savings on products and services such as:

    • Diet, Nutrition & Supplements
    • Fitness Clubs & Gyms
    • Eye Care Services & Hardware
    • Hearing Aids & Screenings
    • Newborn Services & Products

    Find out more!

    Free to members who have access to our secure member website.

    Health Trackers

    Members can find out how healthy they are with our Step Tracker, Weight Tracker, and Blood Glucose Tracker which allow them to monitor their health and exercise over time.

    Members can access their personal health files such as their profile, chart, care team contacts, medications and saved assessments, evaluations and more in one secure online location.

    Healthcare Spending Activity

    To view healthcare costs for this year, members can check out their Spending Activity Report. Once logged in, find the report under Manage My Account.

    Members can access their personal health record on the secure site by clicking on Wellness Tools, Start Wellness Tools, then Family Health Record.

    Our Medical Library is free to members on our secure member website. Look up medical conditions and watch videos about medical procedures.

    After logging in, go to Stay Healthy, Wellness Tools, Start Wellness Tools, and then Health Content to access our preventive health services.

  • More information about our health and wellness programs is available by contacting your General Agency partner or your Premera sales representative.