A Date With the Doctor

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    Published July 15, 2019

    For businesses with fully insured small group plans

    Members who have a primary care provider (PCP) are more likely to complete important screenings and maintain regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments. That’s why Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska is reaching out to some members to help them find a PCP and make an appointment.

    What you should know

    We want you to know about our member outreach program aimed to connect your employees with the care they need.

    Not all Premera members will be contacted. The outreach is for members on a fully insured small group plan who meet one or both of the following criteria:

    • Members who have a suspected chronic and/or complex condition such as diabetes, chronic pulmonary disease, or stroke and who have not had a visit with a medical provider in the last 12 months
    • Members who have multiple care gaps such as colorectal cancer screenings and breast cancer screenings and who have not had a visit with a medical provider in the last 12 months

    How it works

    Premera is partnering with Change Healthcare, also known as My Advocate, to run this member outreach program. Here’s what members can expect:

    • Members started receiving welcome letters from My Advocate the week of July 9, 2019. This letter introduced My Advocate as a Premera partner and explained the benefits of the program.
    • Seven to 10 days after the mailing, My Advocate will start to call members to provide educational information about the recommended care. If the member does not have a PCP, My Advocate will help them find one.
    • Once a PCP is identified, My Advocate will assist in scheduling an appointment. They will even connect the member directly with the provider by conferencing in the doctor’s office.
    • After an appointment is scheduled, the member will receive two reminders from My Advocate: a postcard and an automated phone call with the appointment details.

    What you can do

    If you receive questions from your employees, you can let them know that Premera is committed to helping them connect directly with a primary care doctor.

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