• Health Screenings Biometrics

    WEA is committed to helping enrollees learn about their health risks before they develop chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. One way that WEA achieves this is by contracting with an independent health-screening company to measure WEA Select Medical Plan subscribers’ key health indicators. WEA funds the costs for administering the program. Learn more about the program.

    • District administrators can contact their Premera Blue Cross Account Executive if they want to discuss the possibility of holding a screening event in their district.
    • Enrollees on the WEA Select Medical Plans whose school district is participating in WEA’s free, voluntary and confidential health screening program will have an opportunity to get their numbers conveniently—no doctor visit, no copay, no time off work.

    If your school district has been selected to participate in WEA’s free, voluntary and confidential health screening program this year, you will have an opportunity to get your numbers conveniently—no doctor visit, no copay, no time off work.

    Consider the screening a gift to yourself. When you know more about your key health numbers, you can make educated health decisions related to your lifestyle (the way you eat, how much exercise you get, etc.).

    The tests during the screening are simple and take only a few minutes. Your height and weight and blood pressure will be taken, and a simple finger stick does all the rest. You can choose either a fasting or a non-fasting health screening. Fasting provides more health information than a non-fasting screening, but both use the same four simple tests. The tests give you information about your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, your blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). A healthcare professional will go over the results with you at that time.

    More About the Program

    Program availability is limited. Districts may self-identify and will be considered for participation. Premera and WEA extend invitations in other cases. The selection process helps ensure that the opportunity is offered to districts of all sizes and in all parts of the state as funding allows.

    If your district will be offering a health screening event, your district administrator will provide details, including a link to make a screening appointment.

    If your district is not offering an event this year, please remember that your WEA Select Medical Plan benefits offer in-network preventive health screening for you. You may also want to speak to your district about the possibility of holding an event in the future.

    View the list of preventive services to learn more.