• Health Management

    Make Time for Yourself

    Although depression, stress and weight continue to be the most common issues for WEA enrollees who’ve taken the health risk assessment, the percentage at risk has decreased since 2008. Have you made time for yourself, and attended to your own health needs? Get started.

    Health Risks 2008 - 2012 

      2008 2012
    Depression 31.8% 19.9%
    Stress 64.6% 51.4%
    Weight 58.3% 57.5%

    Here’s to your health!

    You are fully covered for seasonal immunizations at your local in-network pharmacy. Present your ID card to receive available vaccines for seasonal flu, adult shingles or the pneumococcal immunization. Log in to the WebMD Health Manager to learn about why vaccinations are important.

    Know Your Numbers

    Track some of your key health indicators (blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, blood sugar level) on this convenient Know Your Numbers card. You may enter your numbers on the health assessment if you have them. You can take the assessment without them, but it will be more accurate with them.