Medical Benefits

  • Preventive care guidelines

    All WEA Select Medical Plans provide coverage for in-network preventive services such as colonoscopies, diabetes education and some preventive drugs. View the preventive service and prescription drug coverage list to learn more.

    Make sure you're covered

    Don't be surprised by a bill you weren't expecting

    Some services and procedures, such as planned hospitalizations, elective outpatient surgeries, organ transplants, and advanced imaging, need to be reviewed by Premera before you get them. This review is called pre-approval, and it ensures that the services your doctor is recommending are covered for your condition. Your healthcare provider is familiar with the process for getting pre-approval, so it's best if your doctor contacts Premera on your behalf. You should always ask your healthcare provider about requesting pre-approval before you schedule a planned service or procedure. Learn more about services and procedures that require pre-approval. Keep in mind, your doctor has the most current list and medical information needed to request pre-approval on your behalf.

    WEA Select Basic plan

    Premera's newest plan helps keep monthly health plan bill costs down while providing full coverage for in-network preventive care.

    Key in-network features:

    Medical care

    • Uses our NEW Heritage Prime provider network. Our newest network provides statewide access to a broad network of providers, including most major medical groups in Washington. However some exclusions apply. (For example, Kadlec Regional Medical Center and Lourdes Medical Center, and their associated physicians are not part of this network.) Log in and use the Find a Doctor tool to be sure your providers and nearby hospitals are in-network before changing plans.
    • Higher medical out-of-pocket maximum and deductible compared to other WEA Select Medical Plans.

    Prescription drugs

    • Deductible applies to all drugs-including generics.
    • Same pharmacy network and pharmacy programs as other WEA Select Medical Plans.

    Provider networks

    When you choose an in-network provider, you pay the lower out-of-pocket cost. Please check your plan booklet for information on preventive care benefits, which may require you to use in-network providers.

  • Heritage network plans:

    • WEA Select Plan 2
    • WEA Select Plan 3
    • EasyChoice Plan A
    • EasyChoice Plan B

    Heritage Prime  

    • WEA Select Basic Plan

    Foundation network plans:

    • WEA Select Plan 5
    • EasyChoice Plan C
    • Qualified High Deductible Health Plan
  • Summaries and booklets

    For 2014-15 summaries and booklets, please view the Archives.

  • 2015-16 WEA Select Summary of Benefits and Rates See page 11 for rates before pooling and the state subsidy have been applied. Please consult with your school district administrator if you have questions about how much will come out of your paycheck.

    Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs)

    Unum Life and AD&D Certificate

  • Other information and forms

    Medical/Vision Enrollment - Please see your school district administrator.

    UnumProvident Life Card - Please see your school district administrator.

    Other Coverage Questionnaire - Fill out this form if you or your dependents are covered by a medical and/or vision plan other than a WEA Select plan; return it to your school district administrator.

    COBRA rates and applications - Please see your school district administrator.