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  • New Health and Wellness Program Tools

    Access new personal health and wellness tools to help you stay on top of your health every day! Simply log in to your Premera secure account and select the Stay Healthy link to get started.

    Your new tools include:

    • Health Assessment: Determine your "health age" (Note: The engagement period will be held later this year; you will be notified of details as we near the date.) 
    • Calorie Counter: Monitor your calorie intake
    • Health Content and Symptom Checker: Research healthcare topics
    • Recommendations: Check out mobile apps and additional web site resources for more ways to fit wellness into your day.

    Federal Healthcare Reform

    Recent changes to the preventive care schedule became effective on June 1, 2013. They included fall prevention for ages 65 and over, and certain Vitamin D dosages for ages 65 and over with a written prescription. See the preventive service and drug coverage list for details. Please use your benefit book for more on how your plan covers preventive care.

    Finding Specialty Care

    Finding the right provider for specialist care or a surgical procedure is important. It can be daunting if your need is immediate. Here are some questions to ask if the need for care arises.

  • Deductible Carryover

    Expenses you incur in the last two months of a calendar year for covered services and supplies that satisfy all or part of the calendar year deductible will also satisfy all or part of the next year's deductible. This is also true for the family calendar year deductible. Please note that the deductible credited from a prior calendar year does not reduce the next year's out-of-pocket maximum. 

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